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Back to work tomorrow after 3 weeks off !!

Don't know how I'm going to cope still waiting for a scan of my hands as my fingers are very painfully and swollen. I work part time in a dry cleaners on my own with no help or support. My worse fear is the iron it is so heavy as is an industrial one and I find it hard to lift. As my arms also hurt . I'm worried if I go off sick as I don't get ssp as I don't urn enough ....... I'm scared : (

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Hi Huskybike

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I just wanted to wish you all the bets of luck with going back to work tomorrow. I genuinely hope that you have a wonderful day and enjoy it and be pain free.

I must admit that I do not think I would like to work on my own like that, as if I need the loo I have to go straight away, have been like this since my fall last November. I now have a bladder of an elderly lady!

Good luck and take care

Ken x


Hi huskybike so sorry to hear that your frightened about going back to work it is quite daunting and scarey there are support that you can get just ask for more information on here I'm sure your be able get all the help you need your doctor should be able to give you a sick note to hand into the jobcentre. All the best hunni and gentle hugs. Ros xxx


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