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Look ok ? just wanted a rant lol , other day was in doctors and saw someone I had not seen in years, hey how are you they asked ?

I really wish I had just said o im ok ty and you , I didn't go in to megga detail but just explained I had fibromyalgia , arthritis and chronic fatigue , but you look ok to me they replied .So just because my daughter in law washes and blow drys my hair and I try to put some makeup on it seems I look ok , people make me sick I want to shout out have my pain just for a day im sure you will change your mind on how I feel inside

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Lol I also want to SCREAM with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also put my make up on when i go out, i also wash and blow dry my hair ( i can only do it once a week on my best day) i try to look like the old me when possible, WHY is it people always have to say oh my friend has fibro and she still works or you look so well.

Does everyone think that because you have depression, arthritis, fibro and anything else that we don't laugh and smile like everyone else?????? are we not human?????

lol it makes me feel like stamping my feet but i know it would hurt to much....

My friend thank goodness we can come on here and enjoy letting off a lot of steam...

Sunshine hugs to you xxx

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I want to scream too it's so annoying my family are the same which hurts most xx


I know exactly how you feel too Jane. I have osteoporosis as well as fibro, when I have a fracture and a cast on, everyone goes out of their way to be kind and helpful and it annoys me like mad, because once the cast is on and the bones mending it doesn't hurt, but oh my word my fibro can be giving me hell and every one thinks I'm fine and expects me to be able to do everything for myself (which I have to do living alone) and then able to help them too.

This is one reason why we all need to support the Fibro awareness day on

May 12th, so hopefully people learn more about what we go through. Please look at Mdaisy's post on the right of the page, support FibroAction on Thunderclap and Help FibroAction to Raise Awareness. Please, please give as much support to the cause as you can :-)

Foggy x

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It's the curse of the invisible illness sadly. Just because we're not falling apart on the outside constantly people never seem to get that it can feel that way on the inside because of the pain, discomfort, nausea, and everything else we put up with. One day invisible illnesses will be more well recognised hopefully.

Stamp hard on their foot next time and ask them to imagine that pain but constant! They don't seem to realise because we deal with it so frequently we learn how to hide it and live with it, even if it's at it's worst we can sometimes still conceal it. xx

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Hello All,

Completely understand , as we've all been through this. As Moffy used to say a previous volunteer 'put your smile on at the door and leave it behind when you get it' It's so true we try to be brave outside, try to look like we did before and try blend into the world of the many other healthy people out there! Why shouldn't we enjoy our 1-2 days when we feel able to venture out (for those with severe symptoms), we need it for our psychological well-being if nothing else. A day connecting with the world, nature and breathing fresh air.... we need these days !

You can always come here, and we're stronger together to try to change the future of Fibro understanding & awareness. Please support the campaigns as eventually we will get the message heard!

International Fibro Awareness Day 12th May 2014

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Adminstrator


Oh dear I read the first line of that post and knew how it was going to go because alas it is a story told too many times before and it makes me feel so sad. On the other hand Jane, if you had not got your hair/make up done they would probably have said 'look just cos she's ill doesn't mean she has to let herself go." You are damned if you do....etc

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Hi jane59

I am so sorry to read that, it really does appear to be par of the course with Fibro? I hope that you are feeling as well as you can be?

Take care

Ken x


Let's all scream lol x

The worst thing I can say is 'boy oh boy I hurt today' cause it's always followed with. Well you look alright. So...........annoying.


I haven't tried it but sometimes I want to ask them "what does someone in chronic pain look like?"


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