Did you know?

Did you know there is a new NHS Health Check Community just launched?

I thought this would be useful to know, if they anyone is querying any other symptoms

Here's the link;


Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

PS. Interested in research discussion about all you read, you may want to consider joining HU Healthy Evidence site

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  • thanks for that emma, it will be very helpful :)xx

  • Thanks Emma, handy to know. Hugs, Julie xx

  • Wow! that could be interesting :) and helpful at times I think :)

  • Looks interesting.

  • Thank you Emma, that should be very useful.☺

  • Thank you very much for this, as I had not heard about the new NHS Health Check Community. I went to join and clicked the join banner and it simply logged me in! Therefore I take it we can all use the forum without having to fill out an application!

    That is great!

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken I did the same. How are you and yours at the moment. hugs to all and a special one for Linda hugss sue xxxxxxx

  • Hi mayrose54

    I am fine thank you, I have my letter for my 'special' physio. I think they thought they would upset me if they wrote 'geriatric?' I will give Linda a big hug from you on Friday.

    How are you feeling today?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Not too bad I think I`m getting Fibrom under control, :) for now. :(

    hugs sue xx

  • I have logged in too

  • Sound interesting..... I have logged on be a member too. :)

  • I am intrigued so joined it could prove very helpful for general medical enquirers!

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