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what next l wonder!

Diagnosed with Fibro in 2009 , started getting IBS symptoms a few months ago which Buscopan seems to deal with and now of the things l should be doing for copd is getting more exercise, oh yeah with fibro? but l guess no matter how exhausted l feel l shall have to do more, Not even sure why l'm writing this, am l looking for sympathy because my husband says l may have only 6 months left!!!yes l know he's not right cos if l do everything right and with right medication l have a lot longer than that but just upset me that he could SAY that,,,should l get a divorce!!!

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Hi There sounds like your being asked to take on board a careless and inaccurate comment from your husband but I shouldn't let that worry you unless he does it constantly on purpose then you will need counselling to help you decide the answer to your question cause your the only one who will need to answer that one. But on the other hand if its family you can guarantee that they always say hurtful things without thinking and might even be a sign that he's stressed too. As for the life expectancy your spot on I've just visited the site cause I know nothing of your illness and there are people up there told similar things it crashed their worlds then discovered there are others with severe symptoms and on oxygen and had it 20 years hope that helps and lots of gentle hugs SO GO GO GO YOUR A


Hello sue, You have just typed this because you need to share your feeling with someone and one of the best things we do is to listen while you get it off your chest Royalspec has beat me to the rest of what I was going to say.Remember there will always be some one here for you . Lots of hugs sue xx


Thankyou both..l needed to know that somebody was listening somewhere,beginning to think l am entirely on my own.Bought tears to my eyes just to see that someone had replied. Yes l guess hubby may be stressed, has his own set of health issues and lost a very good friend to copd within 6 months of diagnosis, guess l was hoping too much that he might 'think' before he spoke.Thankyou again


Any time. Hugs Sue xxxxxxx


Hi sue, so sorry to hear your feeling distressed, maybe your husband shouldnt have said that, BUT he too could have said that out of frustration of not knowing what to say and the frustration and fact of knowing that he is unable to help you and take your pain away, why talk to him tll hi he upset you so much, maybe he could explain himself......sending you gentle hug ....and wishing you feel better....Dee xx


Hi Sue

So sorry to hear you are so down. I sometimes think our loved ones can't cope with our illness and seeing us in pain and it frightens them and they put the mouth into action before putting the brain into gear. My dear friend has had COPD for years and is only slightly worse than she was years back, not everyone gets ill rapidly. She does try to walk as much as she can and take the usual precations of slowing down if she is breathless and not walking up hills etc. Come on this site and get it out of your system as many times as you need to as we can at least empathise with your feelings as I am sure we have all been there. Try and have a good night. Loads of hugsxx


Hi sue930

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have COPD, and I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

Firstly, I have COPD, and I have endured its symptoms for over 20 years! So please do not worry that you only have 6 months left. I am just like you, I cannot exercise either. I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices website relating to the facts about COPD.

You did write something that interested me greatly, as you said that you had IBS and take Buscopan! I was wondering if you ever felt any acid reflux or indigestion? if you do, it really is advisable to return to your GP and inform them and get yourself checked out for GORD, which is a side kick, (for a better way to describe it). I have pasted you a link about this below and please do not worry, just keep it in the back of your mind:

I want to sincerely and honestly wish you all the luck in the world with what you are going through and please post me if you ever want to communicate about it or let off a bit of anger? As soon as I get online I will always read and reply.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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