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Pneumonia now, what next.


I have had Fibro for over 15 years, the last few years I am getting something worse every year.

Last November I got Pneumonia and not single double! I spent a week in hospital and 3 weeks off work.

I am left dreading what's next and will I be strong enough to get though it, does anyone else feel this?, and do you feel you are getting more things wrong with you as the years with fibro go by.

Take care x

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Cowsrock, in 2014, I spent 11 days in hospital with pneumonia and 2 blood clots in lungs. Hospital said good thing I came when I did. Pulmanologist said "you are one lucky lady". It has been almost 3 years and I have learned to PACE MY ACTIVITY. I also have to PUSH MYSELF AT TIMES, sometimes a push will keep me going . The tricky part is knowing your body and by trial and error you will recognize when it is time to push and when you have to STOP. I am in USA and it is 2:00 am. This is normal for me . I don't get upset because I am grateful that I can nap during the day. I am a night owl anyway and like late night TV. Yes I do have days that are tough especially when storms or cold or barametric pressure changes. During a bad flare it is hard to be optimistic but hang on , are you taking an anti-depressant ? Do you take meds for pain and sleep. Where do you live and does your family understand FIBRO and support you ? Do what you have to , to take care of yourself ! 😘

cowsrock in reply to Redhots7

Hi Redhots7

I live in UK, l also push myself but since taking up Photography that is easier now :) l will go out in all conditions to get the pictures I want or hope to get, so to me this is what keeps me moving able to work pt and walk with break's around our lovely country side.


Hi cowsrock yes I can associate with that my Friend, as im sure other members can. I dread the winter because it ia always painful. I don't know if your doctor has told you but, pneumonia can make you very depressed & i see Redhots7 has already mentioned antidepressants. It is a normal side effect after having pneumonia which can effect you for montgs & once in this frame of mindset it can be very difficult to shake off, this could very well be the reason for your feelings of impending doom. I wonder if you have spoken to your gp about it.

I do know what you mean though, I have Polymyagia also & this gets worse but I did a post a while ago about different stages of fibromyalgia, I'll see if I can find it for you.

Luv Jan xx

Hi cowsrock,

I hope you are feeling better soon

There is a injection that you can get normally given around the same time as the flu vaccine at my GPS but there are different kinds of pneumonia and it doesn't cover them all.

It maybe worth enquiring about, no use for now I know .

Take care

Loraine x

My OH and I both had pneumonia jabs a few years ago and they are supposed to be a one off unlike flu which we have every year....Love the web!! x

BlueMermaid3 in reply to Trikki

Doh! I thought you meant you loved the internet lol :) xx

Trikki in reply to BlueMermaid3

Oh dear...just keep taking the tablets xx

BlueMermaid3 in reply to Trikki

Lol! I know what a twit huh?? xx

So sorry to hear you are feeling down. I had pneumonia many years ago and it knocked me for six. It was several months before I regained my stamina so understand how you are at the moment.

The web is great, it looks like macrame!



Hi cowsrock

I too have had Pneumonia several times in the last couple of years.

I was told that the older we get the longer it takes to get over it. Apparently it can take a good year to fully recover from it.

I've had Fibro and ME for 36 years. For me personally, it was manageable with pain meds and I worked for 34 years.

Then after a severe trauma my Fibro & ME went into orbit and have unfortunately stayed there.

Stress causes Fibro to flare too. Just the stress of being in hospital could have caused you to have a severe flare.

Be kind to yourself and try to take each day as it comes.

Wishing you much peace

Lu xx

I think this is just life. Everyone gets things as they get older whether they have fibro or not, I don't think anyone escapes. Certainly all my non-fibro friends are dealing with various problems and conditions that aren't fun. We don't always realise what others are putting up with.

Thank you everyone for your messages, I have taken antidepressant meds since having fb, I did get told off by my dad yesterday for not covering my mouth with a scarf when I go out in this frost cold mornings, I am a photographer it also keeps me moving:), he said I will get it again as now it is a weak point, I also have Ashma can't spell lol.

Gentle hugsx

Hi cowsrock

I am so truly sorry to read that you contracted pneumonia and I sincerely hope that you are recovered from this now. I can fully understand your feelings about getting ill again after such a traumatic ordeal. I have had pneumonia a couple of times over the years and it is truly awful my friend.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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