Does @nyone find th@t preg@blin is very rel@xing @t night

L@st night my dose of preg@blin w@s put up to 400mg and 200 in the morning. \i found I w@s more rel@xed that ever , I slept with e@se and could h@e st@yed in bed. Why didn't I well It is h@bit . Still I do not feel as grey and hung up on every thing. Infact I feel quite H@ppy!

Does every one re@ct like this?


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  • Hi gins,

    I do not t@ke Preg@b@lin I h@ve Nortriptyline @t night.

    I sincerely hope th@t you @re feeling @s well @s you possibly c@n be tod@y?

    Ken x x x x

  • N@ n@ n@ n@ n@. I h@ve @miytiptyline. It h@s @n "@". Y@@ hiss boo.


  • Hey gins s@me for me when I need top me@sure @nd It re@lly does help with the sleep @nd yes lovely and relaxing

  • Oh good at least I am not alone :) It was very pleasant to relax and drift away to the land of nod. LOL

    I am quite looking forward to retiring

    Sleep well


  • You too my friend xxx :) happy sleeps :)

  • Me too, Oh, you mean sleep. G'nite xx

  • pthwrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :P

  • C@n I @sk wh@t @ is @ll @bout? H@ve you @ll gone b@n@n@s? X

  • B@rking m@d Flower. Look @ Gins post from this morning, @ll should become cle@r

  • H@h@h@h@h@! X

  • My cle@r you saa@y no no just @rmy @rmy xxginx Drugs aaaaaaaaaaaaaa@re c@lling :)

  • as clear as mud :) xxxgins

  • Hi gins, Yes Preg@blin h@a the s@me effect on me too. Considering the extremely high doses of MTS & Or@l Morphine, I"m on @t the moment th@t does nothing to rel@x me in the w@y that the Preg@blin does,I usu@lly drift off to sleep @fter it @t night,@p@rt from this Bursitis P@in from keeping me @wke @t @all hours!

    They will h@ve to open Preg@blin @n@ymous soon @s opposed to N@cotics @n@ymous!! Only joking!

    God bless, Sweet dre@ms Lynn XX

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