Does anyone else find their fatigue is their worst symptom?

Yes, I get roving other pains, symptoms and terrible headaches and migraines, but I find the way the fatigue comes over me is so debilitating and disrupts my days. I get up late because of poor sleep, and need that sleep, and then need to lie down, later afternoon, early evening, and often fall asleep again for anything from 15 minutes to 2 hours

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  • Yes I find this too. If I get a good night's sleep it really helps, but like you, I do have bouts when I just fall asleep. I always seem to be yawning to, and apologising. I sit down with a cuppa and have a rest, and that seems to help. Try not to push yourself too much, potter about, you can still achieve quite a lot that way

  • I'm trying to write on my white board achievable goals, like do the washing, tidy the lounge etc. Not very successful at the moment with that but I will try my hardest to do that. Am going to write on it now, not a long list but achievable, the I'm going to bed, I believe in the power of sleep

  • I feel like if we weren't all fatigued, the pain would be so much easier to deal with!

  • yep i find the fatigue very hard to cope with i cant even walk upstairs without being shattered.

  • Thanks for all your responses! Yes, Gill, I try to have goals and end up putting things off until the next day or the next as I always over-estimate how much I can do!

  • Fatigue is a massive problem for's horrible. I LOVE sleep!!!!!

    It sure is frustrating when you have a few plans for the day and by the end of the day you can't do it all!!!! xx

  • Very much relate to that, Rach! I fell asleep after drying my hair today (washing it is a huge operation, so long and thick!) xx

  • YES YES YES !!! i feel totally drained most of the time and sleep in the afternoon, by 9pm i'm in bed and by 9;15 sound asleep, then i come to everytime i turn over in bed which disrupts my sleep. So your not alone hun :}

  • Hi Kimm! Thanks for posting! My pattern is, get up at 11.30 or later. Takes me ages and never feel awake, then have a few 'better' hours, then wall of fatigue comes over me and sleep late pm/early eve. But then I am quite alert at 11 am and midnight. Take ages getting to sleep, sometimes it is 2.30-3 pm. I also wake 4-5am sometimes for an hour or more. Usually disrupted sleep unless I take something. Take care!

  • ditto :)x unfortunately

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