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So impressed

Had my first treatment of acupuncture today. It was a little weird as the man had a stuffed dog on his driveway and was dressed like a magician but boy did he know his stuff. He poked and prodded and it hurt a bit but he gave me some electro accupuncture and manipulated some of the points. He also worked on my energy leveks, stress and anxiety.

Now I don't know much about these things...I'm no scientist...placebo or not this was amazing. I can use the stairs without my stick and feel awake and positive. I fell asleep during treatment...I felt so relaxed.

I was very sceptical this morning, but I've already booked for more next week!

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Yay great you found something that works, let us know how it goes on

VG x


very happy for you,i have tried it and it does nothing for me,it's supost to be good ,i think it's like everything else it suits one and not another.lets face it you can't have an allergy to that so great.jacksiex.


I have been going for acupuncture once a week for eight months and it's fantastic. I think how effective it is depends on how good the acupuncturist is! Mine has been in business for thirty years and trained and studied in both China and Japan. My friend went to someone who had been qualified for two years, and it achieved nothing - but then she saw my 'pin man' (as we call him) and is feeling great (although she di dn't go for fibro). He also does other holistic treatments so each week he'll adjust what he does, according to how I'm feeling and whether it's pain or energy that I'm struggling with the most. I really couldn't manage to carry on working without him - he was off for two weeks in the summer and I really felt the difference then!

Bio-mats are also fantastic for energy and pain,


So pleased you have found something that has worked for you,long may it continue xxx


First time I had a course acupuncture it really helped, second time it actually made my pain and symptoms worse. First time it was offered by the physiotherapy dept when I lived in Nottingham and the reduction in pain was wonderful while it lasted. Second time it was offered by pain specialist here in Kent and they discontinued it after the first session as it made me so ill. They told me if I'd persisted with treatment it I would show an improvement but because I was the single parent of a child with ADHD they decided it was better to stop treatment... better for who? I've never quite figured that out!


So glad it has made a difference to you, sadly it did nothing for me but at least I gave it a go xxxxx


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