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Hi, I've just joined this site and would like to introduce myself. I was diagnosed with fibro about 5 years ago. I had been in a car accident a few months before and had suffered whiplash which the rheumatologist thought might be responsible for it. The unusual thing with my family is that my Mum and both of my 2 brothers and 2 sisters also suffer from fibro, which has led to my new rheumatologist suggesting it might be hypermobility syndrome as my limbs were mildly double jointed.

I work as a revenue protection officer which means I check tickets at train stations. Our hours were changed from 8 a day to 10 a day which lead to a massive flare up and 6 months off on the sick. I have gone back part time, 5 hours a day, but have had a few more flare ups recently and have been off for nearly a month at the moment.

I've starting knitting again while off to keep my mind occupied and have knitted some lovely outfits for my sister who had a baby in January.

So welcome, and I hope to meet some nice and supportive people on this site.

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Hello and welcome!!

I think you will find this site very useful for information and we also have silly posts to raise a giggle. it all helps to distract us from our ailments.

I have heard that an accident or severe trauma or illness can be a contributing factor for fibro. It is good you have a definite diagnosis and getting treatment. Hope you will feel a little better soon.



Welcome Jayne,

We are a lovely bunch of fellow sufferers. The site is incredibly useful and usually maned 24/7 some one will be awake for a chat should you need it.

Our mother site wwwfibroaction,org has loads of useful information. To the right hand side of the screen are useful help topics too.

We believe that apart from medicine humor is vitally important it destracts us from the pain and helps us relax. Do feel free to join in when ever you like.

Remember that we Good luck xgins


Welcome indeed. You'll fit in fine. If you can cope with railway humour you will find ours "normal".

There's talk about trigger and genetics but I suspect there are still those who "just get fibro".

As gins says there's nearly always someone awake just be patient and most posts and questions get an answer.

I wonder if you're in time to play gins latest quiz. If you click on the blue script "gins" then "activity" you'll find it "Morning Gins Ridiculous Riddles". Endorphins are home made medicine and we seem pretty good at making it. Or just taking your mind off it. I hope you find some relief soon. Gentle hugs. x


Hi jayneplatt10

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it as useful as I do? We are a very friendly bunch on here and we have a really good laugh!

Your job sounds quite strenuous since you have to stand all day, I do not think I would be able to do it?

I have pasted you a link to the FibroAction site below and I really hope that you find all the information useful.

I look forward to bumping into you around the site.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I have the same problem, could you research about natural cure,benefits of stoping use vegetal oil ,gluten and sugar.Use coconut oil,xylitol , SAM-e but do research about how to use all .Change you diet to be free of pain

Research at google :

Weston Price fondation

Magnetic filed damage to health

Dr. Colbert - Divine Health

Ant inflammatory foods.


I can only add.

Welcome to this wonderful zany world. It may be raining outside but in here we try to make our own sunshine. While not being afraid to rage and rant sometimes.

This site is sort of gentle hands on my back encouraging me along,


Hi there Jayne, welcome to our loving, laughing, caring, sharing, fibro club, sorry I've taken so long to welcome you but I have been unwell for the past few days and have found it hard to read and think ect, this is a great site you couldn't have picked a better one, we are a friendly bunch but mad at times and have a laugh we sometimes go on virtual trips, may sound silly to you but it takes our mind off our pain for a while, do join us next time we do, and join in our jokes and silly ness, it's fun....we are all in the same boat, so will understand how you are feeling when u have a flare up or have a rant and rave, look forward to reading your posts Jayne, take care,.... sending you gentle hug...Dee x


Hi and welcome, as everyone says we are a funny lot, with loads of stories, questions and the like, weird humour at times but time for everyone. Knitting is great, be proud of yourself with what you have achieved. I was told by the shrink that any type of crafting is good, as it diverts your mind and helps you concentrate. Think I went into overdrive, but love it. It does keep me sane, I've tried loads of different crafts and am constantly finding new ones, I've found capabilities I didn't know I had. Whilst you are off sick, knitting will help relax you so keep it up. Sounds like you need to talk to your employers about your condition and your hours and come to some sort of compromise.

Most of us dip in and out of this site but have found it great, and a wealth of knowledge as there is always someone who has had or done or got what we have in some form or another.

I'm sure your sister will love what you have knitted, I used to knit for the local prem baby unit and local maternity hospital who are always grateful for knitted items, there are loads if free patterns on line so it shouldn't cost a fortune.

Hope your flareup subsides soon, hugs, Lynn x


Thanks everyone for your lovely welcomes. Hugs back to all :)


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