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Holiday insurance

Hi All,

Have any of you managed to get holiday insurance? If so any tips, how, where, what company?

Thank for you help. Want to try to get some heat on my fibro body. Soooooooo cold!

Thank you. X

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Hi Lizzyear, I have recently managed to get insurance for a holiday in Kos which I'm going to into early September. If you would like to message me, I will give you details of the company, if it could help you.

I really, really understand your need for warmth and sun on your back. :-)

Foggy x


Hi Lizzyear

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be? I always use the Post Office insurance, even got life insurance through them, and I have got COPD. Also booked a funeral plan so I get to pick what music to annoy people with at my own funeral in advance (how cool is that?).

It does not belong to them, it is a separate insurance company, but I have never had a problem with them.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Ken x

PS Forgot this bit:

Ken TheAuthor does not take responsibility for any insurance policy sold to and by the Post Office inc, on behalf of a third party. He does not hold, act upon or endorse post office inc and their third party. Any resemblance to any other insurance or post office alive or dead is purely coincidental.


Hi Ken was just wondering in the funeral plan

You have booked do you have to pay up front for it ? Could you message me the details please, I'm 50 but for years I've wanted to sort my own funeral as I have no chasten just a niece I want things to be as easy as possible for her should she have to sort stuff, I think more people should talk about what they want to save arguement and upset trying to make decisions at such a sad time thanks Karen


I used to sell them before my health went south. Most of the good ones have the option to pay all up front and/or pay on a plan of so much a month fixed for that period or until you reach a certain date. Look at them all first to see which gives you best value. Even down to how many cars you need? Taxi's are a lot cheaper and can be booked for timed collection drop off so maybe a limo for close family will save a lot of money.

If you are looking to be buried you will need to buy your plot or stipulate where the family plot is as that is not often covered but cremation costs are!

If you have a funeral director that has been used by your family they may have a scheme of their own.

Their are 3 main UK ones and a lot of agents selling them under their own names.

I know it is sometimes uncomfortable to talk about but it could save you and your family £1000's as they go up far beyond inflation each year.

Do not get confused with 50+ plans they only give you a set amount fixed at the start no matter how much you pay in.

Be Well


Thanks I will go and read it now cheers Karen


Hi ksmiles2012

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have sent you a PM with all the details and I genuinely hope that you find it useful.

It does pay to shop around but when I was 50 last June, this was such a good deal that I went with it straight away.

Take care

Ken x


Hi Lizzyear,

Last year I used Saga as you must declare Fibro I also have Lymphodema so this year they did not want to cover me. Neither did Tescos so you have to just hunt around for best terms available.

Good luck



I had insurance with Insure and Go last year to Spain, they added nothing extra in cost to policy for my Fibro which was covered and only added a small amount extra for my depression, I was very impressed with their service. ReAlly hope you find a policy that suits your needs and have a great holiday Karen

Karen TheAuthor does not take responsibility for any insurance policy sold to and by the Insure & Go on behalf of a third party. She does not hold, act upon or endorse Insure & Go and their third party. (borrowed & edited from Ken lol)


Hi, I used insure and go last September and fibro and arthritis are included in their standard policy, just read the list of illnesses already included, I was quite surprised, so I rang them to double check and they confirmed it. Hope this helps xx


hi same as above to people we also insure with insure and go fm no extra cost my husband has to declare a few things but the cost is still low compared to other companies we have used this company several times hope this helps cant wait turkey 2014 sun heat :) just what the doctor has ordered teke care joanne


Hi Lizzi

I went to Greece last year, I used Spectrum Travel Insurance because I wanted to declare Fibro, didn't want to risk it otherwise being as there a lot that won't cover medical problems. It was really easy, just did it online, I think it was about £15ish

Have a great holiday :D xx


I would look on the net for holiday insurance companies for pre-existing illness. You will be ripped off with package holiday insurance plus you extras for pre-existing. I saved £95 from what they had quoted me and the rub was it was the same underwriter just a different agent.

If you have an illness and do not show it and you need to get medical help the insurance company has the right to refused treatment payment. do not forget to grt your euro health card as well if you are in the EU for your holiday.

Enjoy the trip


We have renewed our holiday insurance via the co.op bank no problems my husband also has health issues . We pay monthly which also covers us in the uk in case of stolen goods etc. We have been with them for 15yrs.


Insure & go have always been really good for me & child going to greek islands.xx


Thank you you all for you replies and great info!

I will look into it. Feel I need some sun and heat. Had blood transfusion and iron infusion at the beginning of the week, just as I should start to be feeling a bit better, got a rotten cough and cold! Feel rubbish!!

Hope you guys have had a good day and are not in too much pain. X


Hi Lizzyear

I work for Free Spirit Travel Insurance who are a specialist travel insurance provider for people like you with pre-existing medical conditions.

We can cover the majority of conditions including Fibro. & better still we have no age limits on either our single or annual trips. We can also cover other travelling companions on the same policy as you so in the event you had to cancel because of your medical conditions, you would all be covered for cancellation.

You can call us on 0845 230 5000 and speak to a specially trained medical screening operator if you prefer to have that individual assistance or you can issue a policy online at freespirittravelinsurance.com

Both my daughter & I have medical conditions and we know how difficult it can be to find the right policy. Despite me working for Free Spirit for the last 17 years I still believe it can be a mine field trying to find that peace of mind insurance that's just right for your needs. I am passionate about helping people like you and I hope this information has been of use to you.

Happy holidays!




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