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Holiday Insurance

Has your diagnosis affected the price of your holiday insurance. I am putting off going to the dr until after my holiday so I don't have to put it on my insurance. I already get stung due to my heart problem asthma, and damaged discs in my spine oh I nearly forgot to mention the anaphylactic shock due to my medication. As you can guess it costs me quite a lot already for holiday insurance already without having to declare anything else. I do shop around a lot and get quotes from specialist insurers.

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Not really as we haven't been able to afford a holiday for quite some time, other than visiting family.

Hugs, Margaret.xx


I haven't much experience with this directly but used to work in the legal field, I would have thought that regardless of an official "diagnosis" if the insurance company felt you had withheld any relevant information your insurance cover would be null and void in any event. Just a thought - is it worth risking your health in not visiting the doctor. I can appreciate the financial cost but there is also a risk of a health cost too, apart from paying out for insurance that may not pay out if the worst happens. It is certainly a gamble whatever you decide.

Unfortunately I am in the same boat as Margaret - not had a holiday in decades.

Whatever you decide I hope you have a lovely time and are free of any medical concerns. Enjoy your break - hope the sun shines brightly.


Is it worth having a bank account which comes with holiday insurance along with other benefits? I know it is a monthly fee but it might work out cheaper in the long run, especially if you go away a couple of times. It also covers you for holidays in this country too.



My bank cancelled the insurance due to my other medical conditions :(


banks don't cover pre existing problems...have to pay extra


Hi Sherrill

There is a company (one of many) called Medical Travel Compared who can do an online search for the cheapest quote for existing medical conditions. I genuinely hope that you find this useful.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Made no difference to me. Don't worry.


Hi Sherrill, I've just sorted out my holiday insurance, i've only done a single trip one, as we don't go abroad more than once a year. I have a multitude of illnesses, including Fibro, and hubby is diabetic. I've done several quotes with companies, and managed to get a great deal of £17.55 for our two weeks in crete, june this year (whole price for both of us). I used travel supermarket. Hope you find something suitable. Best wishes. Ellie


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