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PIP Assessment up-date


I had my PIP assessment this morning at my home, The Atos health person was kind and understanding over my health condition.......and my nerves...... However the assessment took just over 2 hours and felt tired afterwards.........

I thought that the assessment would involve a check of equipment/aids fitted in my home, But none off this, She had accepted my answers to the support that I have.

My home visit for me was a good experiance, I felt She listen to my health issues and difficulties that I have daily.

Will just have to wait for another 6 -8 weeks to find out if my application is accepted or not :(

Lets wait and see.

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Im glad it went well for you. I am still waiting for my results and the longer I wait the more on edge I am getting, I listen for the letter box every morning and then am terrified when I do hear it. Wont be long now. I hope. :O

hugs sue xx

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Thank you for your kind support, I really hope you won't have too long to wait for a positive outcome for your assessment, I totally understand that brown envelope syndrome. Very best wishes for your results.

Just love your profile picture of your collie dog... :)

hugs steve xx

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It's awful waiting for news like that. Try and just take it day by day

Take care and be kind to yourself while your waiting.

Hannah x


It at last sounds really promising! I hope the outcome is good for you.

Best wishes


Well done for getting through this. It is understandable to be tired as it would be a strain for anyone. Hoping that you get a good result and soonx

A big thank you for everyone that has sent kind wishes and thoughts to me today, I'am more relaxed after this assessment and rewarded myself with a rest on bed this afternoon..... :)

The next event is waiting for the brown envelope at my door........

I have been very warmed by the kindness and encouragement of everyone, Thank you each and everyone for your support.

Hugs to you all, Steve XX

Oh best of luck with outcome. Try and relax a bit now as here is nothing more

You can do. Well done for coping so well with it.

Hannah x

Hi security

I am so delighted to read that it all went well for you. I will keep my fingers crossed until we hear how it went?

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi security,

Well done.... I hope you get some good news soon, they did say to me when i left assessment i would hear within 6/8 weeks and i had good news within 4 weeks..

Take care and try to stay positive..

soft hugs

viv xxx

wishing you well with the outcome xx

So glad you had your assessment at home, they can be done for the people who need them, it's just that the people who need them don't always know that they are there, glad you got yours, you were so tired with the strain of the whole process, and please relax and try and be calm while you wait for the brown envelope to flop onto the mat, stres does not do any of us any good, and when the brown thing does arrive, be calm, get a cup of tea, and something nice and take your time, read it slowly and breathe slowly, for now ttfn

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