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Saw my G.P. yesterday,first time since my fibro diagnosis and she gave me Pregabalin,took 50mg last night and within 2 hours the pain eased but feel very light headed this morning,as if I am "drunk" did anybody else feel this this when they started taking them. She also referred me to a fibro clinic and pain clinic. Finally I have found a G.P. who is taking fibro seriously.

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Hi bvlgari

I have been taking Pregabalin for about 7 weeks now. I didn't feel light headed at all but I guess the side effects are different for us all. However, I have put on about a stone which I am really upset about! The practice nurse said the weight will level out so we shall see! I am sleeping much better at night and the pain is not so severe. I would give them a try and see how you get on. I have had fibro for over 7 years now and this is the first long-term drug I have tried as my health gave me no choice.

Good luck and I hope they work for you! Amanda x


Hi bvlgari, I'm on 200mgs pregabalin, am & pm. My gp has just increased it as I stopped tramadol. I found I was hungrier, thirstier, tireder. Now after a week, I think my side effects have settled, & my pain relief is so much better. Congrats on finding a sympathetic gp! Gentle hugs, Julie xxx


Hi julie63, how are you, could I ask you why did you decide to stop tramadol I take them also Gabapentin which is a sister tablet to pregbalin, GABA also Make u put Weight on, Still waiting for it to right itself, but it's either the weight or the pain and seeing as the pain is sooooo bad the GABA won I'm on 600 mgs + tramadol and sertralin, and co codamol as a back up, I was hoping to lower the tramadol as I upped the GABA but so far no luck, pain seems to have taken turn for the worse, j


Hi cookie,I'm not too bad, thanks, just waiting for the meds to kick in, went on 3hour shopping spree - had to go for petrol, so thought, 'while I'm out'. Back and left leg now moaning. Ah well! How's yourself? Hope u r having a good day? Right, the tramadol. I started having bad side effects, plus visual & aural hallucinations. Hearing a man's voice swear behind me when I was home alone, & an increase in nightmares, was the last straw. My Hubby had the same probs when he was on them, & when I started asking him to get the black fly that was buzzing around me - which wasn't there, he begged me to stop b4 it got any worse. My gp was very supportive & said he didn't want me on opiates yet as I have another 40-50years ahead of me. Nice to hear, just Hope it's a good 40-50 years! So now I take 1 or 2 15mg codeine when needed. Not been too bad so far, p'raps tomorrow will tell if its enough. Nearly time for bed, hope u have a good 'un, Julie xxx


Thanks both for your reply,I have read a lot of people put on weight with Pregabalin,just have to wait and see.x


Hi bvgari

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that your Pregabalin have made you feel this way, I must admit that I do not take them, but my wife does and she has never had a problem with them.

It is wonderful to read that you have got a really good GP though.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks Ken, I really appreciate everyone being so kind,x


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