my signature dish [cud be in comedy corner too]

take 2 pieces of bread

toast them


take half a tin of beans [or 1 snap-pot]

microwave on high for 1 minute

take 1 egg

break it into a cup [or clean empty snap-pot]

prick the white and the yolk

microwave for 40 to 60 seconds until set [ keep checking - if it starts to jump or explode switch microwave off and leave door shut for 2 mins]

layer beans onto toast and add egg - yummmm! :P

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  • Doh! You forgot the generous spreading of butter! Or you could be one of those good people who manage to eat toast without any of the cholesterol-laden, golden lusciousness. Nice recipe, tho' - will give it a try! :)

    Moffy x

  • What happens if you don't prick the yolk and white of the egg? Will it burst and make a mess? I like my yolk a bit gooey. I am going to try this, as I have some tins of beans that I have not opened in ages.

  • it explodes! it seems pointless pricking the white but do it a few times. enjoy :P

  • Yummy :)

  • Hi

    Great one but with eggs in the microwave I do them in a variety of ways mostly:

    1. Melt some butter in a cup put the egg in and prick the yolk and cook for 40 or so seconds until the egg starts to set (it keeps cooking when out of the microwave so don't overcook.

    2. Put some hot water in a cup and add the egg (with the yolk pricked) and heat for 30 seconds and I keep checking as it suddenly starts to cook and it depends how you like your eggs.

    These both work with the toast as above and it depends on how healthy you feel that day, floating in butter is not the healthiest of starts to the day (but it is nice to be naughty sometimes)

    kindest regards


  • Hi anyone !

    Just realised I was replying to a 15 day old post, never mind, maybe someone will read it and give it a try

    Kindest regards


  • Terry, there isn't a "use by date" here :)

    That sounds tasty :P


  • Hi

    Just come on when I am up to it so I miss a lot, with the new categories it is easier to navigate and go through the relevant posts, trouble is as in this one I did not realise it was so old.

    Thanks for the support Sandra (my sister's mane is Sandra)

    Kindest regards


  • have you visited poetry corner yet?

  • Yep been going round all the categories and must admit that there are some who can express themselves very well.

  • that made me laugh about the egg in microwave,a few months ago i put an egg in the microwave & as you said i pricked the yolk,any way after a minute or so i took it out & like an idiot not thinking i looked closely at went bang & exploded in my face!the pain of it! it also went all over the wall & ceiling it completely blew the yolk out.i never knew an egg could make so much mess lol x

  • I live in the USA..Wisconsin. Over here is big time

    of the best girl scout breakfasts is to take a baggie and place inside

    a couple of raw egg whites and yolks..throw a little meat in there

    and whatever veggies you like..boil the bag in hot water and bingo..

    you have custom made love this but because it's done

    in plastic, we don't do it but once a month. I usually don't add cheese

    to mine but the others do. No clean up.

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