hi, just to keep ginns,emma, ken & all others in the picture if my daughter in law hasn't gone into labour by 6am in the morning she's to

phone the delivery suite to see if there's a bed available for her, if so she's going in to be induced if not it will definately be sunday, he's already 11 days overdue! so we have their other 2 lovely little boys for the weekend starting tonight :) x

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  • Hi bluebell, I've been thinking of you as my sister in law's daughter had a little girl on Tuesday and I was wondering if your little grandson had arrived, so I'm sending all good wishes for the safe delivery and for you having an enjoyable weekend with your other grandsons :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Bluebell,

    hope all goes well and your latest grandchild puts in an appearance really soon.



  • thank you jillylin, hope so we're all getting impatient now especially my poor daughter in law, she's doing really well though bless her :) x

  • hi foggy, aw did she thats nice,hope they're both well. thank you i will let you know soon as i can,yes should be fun they're only 4& 2yr old but they are just so cute & lovable the youngest is a bit of a monkey lol but talk about butter would'nt melt! :) give my congratulations to your sister in law becoming a nanny & her daughter & yourself of course, am i right in saying this makes you a great auntie ? :)) x

  • oh Bluebell your poor daughter in law.I know the feeling of being late delivering, I was 3wks late with my daughter. at least these days they don`t let you go for that long. I got to the point of wanting to mug mums with new babies I felt like screaming at them ,"It`s not fair why have you got your baby and i`m still having to wait" when she finaly did arrive it was all worth while. hugs to you and the new mum to be sue

  • hi mayrose,i know poor girl, she's looking really well tho but it is getting her down,aw did you lol, i know the feeling tho i was late with all mine it is very frustrating but as you say worth the wait x

  • Complete sympathy. My daughter was 9 days late and kept us up all night after a late shift. She decided to come 5.20 am. Selfish daddy.

    Bless you all.

  • hi fenbadger ,lol no you're not selfish just probably knackered! they do choose their times don't they. :)

  • My daughter came 30 mins after hubby left, In the days before every one had a phone. He called the hospital the next morning to find out when I was to be induced only to be told that his daughter was 12hrs old. she was in a hurry then and it still hasn`t changed. fb pic this morning sandwell park farm with kids . dinner time macdonalds tea time pics of cakes they made this afternoon all this before going to work tires me out thinking about it now sue

  • oh mayrose! that is a lot,she must be hyperactive..but when i think back to when my own kids were young i had 5 & think what we used to do...there's no way i could do it now, i just wouldn't be able to, im worn out just thinking about it :)

  • Hi bluebell10

    I sincerely hope that you are as well as you can be? This is really great, exciting news! I bet you are thrilled by this?

    I was thinking of you the other day and looking for any news, but hopefully it won't be long now.

    All my hopes and dreams for you.

    Ken xx

  • hi ken, aw were you, that's nice. yes at least we know now that he will be born within the next couple of days, hope you're well too x

  • Thank You for posting, Hooray a little baby is on the way !! :)

  • :) at last :)x

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