Pregnancy + Fibromialgia??

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to conceive whilst having fibro?? My partner and I have been trying for a baby for 4 years now and still nothing? was diagnosed with this shitty condition 3 years ago but have been suffering for about 4yrs...any knowledge/success stories on this would be so appreciated would be great to know there might still be light at the end of the tunnel x

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  • i have had fibro since i was 15 and im now 29 i have a 2 yr old now hun i also found that my fibro was almost not there till after i had her now its back with a vengence

  • 15? thats such a young age, that sucks....i have a 7 year old daughter already but it seems as if we have been trying forever now, my partner had a fertility test done and his sperm is very healthy so its obviously down to me(too scared to get it checked tho as the fibro is enough to deal with)...I feel this illness has taken over my life enough as it is, now its taking my ability to conceive...its utter garbage, i am a 27 yr old in a 90 year olds body!! simple tasks and activities are vecoming literally impossible!! I feel as if all i ever do is moan moan moan, thats if im not sleeping!!

  • i was the same.... i had fibro for a long time even tho i didnt really realise it was that... but after the birth of my son it hit me hard... think havin my boy in just 2 hours and the trauma of it bein so quick is what brought it out x x x

  • Hi tess,

    Sorry you are having a hard time conceiving hun, i have had fibro since my 6 year old and i have a 4 year old so yeah i did, but all the stress will not be helping. :(

    You already have a daughter so thats positive. :)

    Hope you get some joy soon hun, fingers crossed.

    you take care, kel xxxx

  • so you had fibro and conceived?? that gives me hope! thanks kel x

  • Hi I have just had my baba 4 weeks ago (see pic) so it is possible Hun . Advice I would give is get ur b12 checked cos if that is low I believe it can cause problems with folic acid absorption. ( i was taking b12 when i got pregnant as levels were low) Taking folic acid whilst trying Conceive is helpful apparently .

    Good luck :)

    M x

  • Fm doesn't have anything to do with conception as it doesn't attack the reproductive system.

    Much like Sarah D I found that when I was pregnant pretty much all my symptoms went, and like her mine can back bigger and better for a few months but they soon settled again after a few months.

    If you are worried about the FM and pregnancy then I would suggest having a chat with your GP, they should be able to give you more information and reassurance that you will be OK.

    I would also say don't rely on what we have said as your answer as each person is affected differently and you may well find the situation differently. I'm not saying any of us are wrong, afterall we have been through it, but our positive experience may just be that..ours, and not a general fact.

  • I am sorry but I have to disagree with u Elsbeth. I think that FMS in directly can affect fertility ...It does not affect the reproductive system as in muscular symptoms but the lack of b12 as I explained can after ur ability to conceive..

    Abstract taken from website :

    Low levels of vitamin B12 may interfere with pregnancy rates. “…anovulation (a failure to release an egg during the monthly cycle) occurs in some women with B12 deficiency due to pernicious anemia, and that B12 deficiency also causes abnormalities of the cells of the reproductive tract,” writes Pacholok and Stuart. “This may extend to the lining of the uterus. In addition, B12 deficiency is associated with abnormal estrogen levels that interfere with the implantation of the fertilized egg.”

    Evidence of lack in certain vitamins can contribute altho i do agree everyone is individual but it is possible for this to affect ability to conceive in some FMS patients

    I would recommend anyone with FMS trying to conceive to check B12 levels ; if fine then it just one of those things....if low you may have more luck with supplements

    Good luck

    M x

  • Absolutely. Get tested. You will probably want to get control of your Fibro now though - it's so much harder during pregnancy or with a young child.

  • Hi yes I have just given birth 4 weeks ago and labour was not as bad as I thought but pregnancy with FMS was hard work so I agree with Lindsey try hard to get FMS under control as much as possible and wean off medication before pregnancy. However recent research states that FMS women when pregnant due to hormones can feel better, apparently 1/3 patients feel better, 1/3 feel worse and 1/3 stay the same... unfortunately I was in the worse group . But I am better now and have this wonderful girl and myself 'n' partner are over the moon to say the least!!

    Hugs:) M x

  • Hi yes it is I have had fibro since I was ten and I have two beautiful sons now 16 and 14 you will be fine just make sure you try and pace it xx

  • Thank you so much ladies...i know I need to get the fibro under control before becoming pregnant but that just seems like a never ending battle!! Fingers crossed it will happen when the time is right! x

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