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Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice to my last post ... As I am an up and coming tattoo artist it is hard to take a break

Sometimes as my work means everything to me at the moment and with my wedding just around the corner 5wks time it's hard to just chill out has anyone got any advice on making it easier to get through these next week without overloading in pain killers as I'm not there biggest fan

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Hi there sounds like you have loads of good things coming up so if you can manage your stress as best as you can and be flexible where you can it will help and remember the painkillers can only do so much then you'll loose the natural ambience of smell taste etc. im sure you already know but that all I can advise hope it helps xx


Hi johncarter93

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as can be? It really sounds like you have so much on your plate at the moment? When I have asked for advice from members on the forum they have always told me to pace myself. To do what I can without overdoing it and then rest before continuing. I think this is the only advice that I can think of.

This is also a very hectic and exciting time for you with your upcoming marriage. I sincerely hope that the wedding goes really well for both of you and that your married life is a wonderful amalgamation of two people who live and love each other for the rest of their lives.

All my hopes and dreams for you and your fiancee



Hi john The only thing I can suggest is to delegate as much as possible to friend and family ,explain to them that you are ill and need help to get through the next few weeks and that something as simple as someone else doing the driving occasionaly while you rest, can make a differance......good luck sue


Hi John, the best things i find for relaxing are deep breathing exercises, massage ( professionsl or partner ) and relaxation tapes as going off to sleep. Deep breathing in the bath while using relxingg essential oils like lavender or sandalwood, is so good i often fall asleep in the bath!. You really need to give your wrists and hands a break as often as is possible, shorter more frequent breaks during each session rather than one longer one and massage your own wrists with any oil at all oh and tiger balm helps some people with pain.lastly epsom salts in the bath draw out pain, they only about £4 for a kilo if order from a chemist. Good luck, my daughter is also a tattooist and has wrist/ hand pain. And good luck for wedding day x


Hi there John

It is awful when the illness interferes with our vocations and I understand the need to keep going without taking 100's of pills. I thought you may be interested in a post of mine for which the link is below. I hope it is useful for you :)

Wishing you wellness and relief to carry on through this busy and stressful time. I must say that I'm not a medical professional and my post should not be taken over anything your doctors say :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


It sounds like you know you have to change something but don't know what. It might be time to be harsher in setting your priorities and either not do things at all, postpone some, or delegate. Try dividing your priorities into Need, Like and Should. Don't get too caught up in wedding stress, it will be a great day no matter what.

Have you spoken to your doctor about your meds? Are there other meds you could take for a short time only that you would prefer?


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