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Judging...A Quiet Space...Let Your Heart Dance



Do we judge by appearance,

by colour age or creed?

Do we judge by what is said,

or by a person’s deed?

Do we judge by wealth,

or a poor man by his clothes?

Do we judge by who knows what,

or how a person grows?

Do we judge by comments made

by friends when they may call?

Do we judge?

Must we judge

Wouldn’t life be better,

if we didn’t ‘judge’ at all?


A Quiet Space

We all need a ‘quiet corner’;

somewhere to unwind.

A restful space away from life,

where peace of mind we find...


Let Your Heart Dance!

Are you ‘tuned in’

to the gifts of the day

- or are you determined

the world will be grey?

Have you decided

to smile or to frown?

Will conversation ‘lift you’

or slowly pull you down?

What will you gain

from a negative stance?

Why not ‘let go’

and let your heart dance!


10 Replies

annette that was a truly wonderful poem. Thank You. susiejo1948

Hi Susiejo Thank you so much. I understand the web-page needs one post of several poems rather than posting them separately...so am trying my best to do this...I enjoy writing verses.... technology side more difficult! Take care, Annette

I really enjoyed reading that... thankyou xx

annetteb46 in reply to Louinpain

Hello and many thanks for replying to my post...I am trying to get to grips with the acceptable way to post my verses...just thought it would be another way of offering the encouragement we all need in different ways...hope some of the verses are useful...

Absolutely loved this post.

Thank you Annette xxx

Thank you so much...we can all encourage each other in our own ways, can't we?

Hi ...Many thanks for your comment...am still trying to to get to grips with the correct way of posting...eg several verses together, rather than separately etc...just thought a few words shared might help in some small way...

Lovely poem. I don't judge people, basically because its none of my business, and I believe we all want the same; which is the best for ourselves and our families.

An example: take two people of the same age, height and weight, of different ethnicities who have died. and remove their skin. Ask folk to guess what nationality they were. Very difficult; in fact it would take a Forensic Anthropologist to tell by the bones alone.

So, we are not different at all, and I have friends of all nationalities and faiths.

Thank you for replying...As with all things in life we all have our own experiences...the verse was written from a personal perspective when I saw others being ' judged' and also experienced the unfairness of it myself...I think with Fybro' unfair judgement is a real factor too!...





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