hi all thank you for my welcome to this lovely group

im getting myself off to bed now so night night to all you lovely people

sending you all gentle hugs



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  • Hi Tracey

    I'm up yet again!

    Been up since 3.45am.

    I would so love one single night of sleeping right through the night without waking up once. That would be so marvelous!

    Please excuse me wittering on. I'm exhausted.

    Think it's time to go back to bed again.

    Hope you got some sleep

    Louise xxxx

  • Hi Louise

    I got a bit of sleep thank you i would have liked more but just thankful for what i got, I can't remember the last time I slept right through its driving me mad, hope you managed to get some sleep



  • On second thoughts, have Tracey's sheep! :P :P Hope you get some soon. I sometimes try by getting up early and staying awake in the hope that will make me sleep. Doesn't always work. If the insomnia doesn't muck it up the pain will Vibes and hugs. x x

  • Gentle Hugs back

    And sheep to count if you need them

    Paul x

  • Hi Paul

    Thank you for the hugs, I've tried the sheep counting lol I lost count I tried that many times :-)



  • Best give them back then. Have you still got Sian's fluffies? They're good too. :)

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