Thank you for all your post's

I know its not always easy to be able to make the post's made by all the members in this group, I can just about manage to read them sometimes. I have found some posts heart rendering and very brave. As you all know we take every day as it comes along :-) so once again a huge big THANKYOU for all the info from you all. Wishing you all a pleasant week ahead

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  • Morning Oouch

    You are the one that needs thanking - for taking the time and the effort to come on and read the post. I hope you also enjoyed the fun and the love that is shared.


  • Thank you "gins" for your lovely comment, I do indeed find upliftment by many of the posts I read sending a huge ((((((HUG)))))) your way <3 xxxx

  • Morning Oouch, Nice to meet you. You will have to join us more often, Hugs sue xx

  • Morning Sue lovely to meet you also another huge ((((((HUG)))))) xxxx

  • Good site this int it?

    Cheers all.

  • Totally agree with you "nedd" ;-)

  • Thank you ouch, and I agree with the others, it is you who deserves thanking. So, thank you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you Ken another huge ((((((HUG)))))) sent your way :-)

  • Aawww, how nice & thoughtful is that. Goes to show how good & blessed a community this is. I haven't ever posted myself, but read read all that is posted & make the odd comment. I put on my prayer list those who need it, but I'm really touched by your post. Thank you very much for putting on paper what is in my heart. Gentle hugs to everybody. :-)

  • Its so nice to meet a like minded soul I also ask for helping prayer's, bless you "maawasam" another huge ((((((HUG)))))) from my heart to yours :-) xxxx

  • Thank You Sweetheart!!!! Hoping You Are Feeling As Good As Possible. xxx Mitzi

  • Thank you Mitzi as I hope your also feeling as good as possible :-) another huge ((((((HUG)))))) xxxx

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