Aaargh the fog again

Aaargh the fog again

Always a picture with a new post now. . . Until we find a way of adding one in replies!

This is serious as well as cute. How's this for the view from the bedroom (sorry, cabin) window?

Just got up to get hot water bottle for feet. Came back with coffee and biscuits. Just remembered Sue has feet anyway. Any chance of a bit of aromatherapy while you have them? :P :P

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  • OOO You have a boat. Is it a narrow boat? It looks like it could be. I love narrow boats. :) We had one years ago a wooden hulled wreck. After spending every spare moment working on it a steel hulled boat ran into it and sank it. :( We pulled it out and after checking the damage decided to cut our losses and get a caravan instead. :) by the way will Lavender oil do on your feet ?

  • Oooh , love lavender, helps me sleep. Thanks.

    Boat belongs to a friend. This particular holiday we went from Barton Turns near Burton on Trent to Ashby, an overland distance of 8 miles, in a week! Wettest June for years and the Trent was closed!

    How about a caraboat? :P

    I used to have a caravan but it was too difficult to tow with a bike :P

  • Over the years we have gone. small boat . narrow boat (sank) Static caravan (got bored going to same place) big old tent( Pain in the back side carrying all the kit up and down stairs) Trailer tent (not much better) Folding caravan.( A nightmare getting it on and off the estate and garden ) folding camper my favourite(needs strong arms to raise the poles.something neither of us can now do) and so we are now doing light weight camping,and storing the kit in a trailer. Had a full sized full height follding bed for xmas..

  • That's good. much easier and small sites can be great too. We mostly used certificated locations. Modern caravans are so much better though an awning can still be a pain. Had a French one for a while door on the wrong side but no prob and a talking point. Had to get rescued by a JCB once :(

  • How on earth did you get into such a mess that it took a jcb to get you out

  • It was uphill to the gate and raining. Only grass, no road. Went out for the day, saw this guy on a JCB in the lane and crossed his palm with the folding stuff. It was only 30 yds to the gate but my excuse is rain wasn't forecast :P :P

    I expect the farmer would have done it but. . . .

    Any way, at least it didn't sink, well, only a bit. :P

  • Our folding van was the same. great most of the time ,it meant that when we went with family the awnings were facing each other The only time we had a problem was when a little hitler of a site supervisor insisted that we put the jocky wheel on the slab next to the road with the awning on the left ,It took a long time to convince him that what he wanted was impossible. and that we were going to either turn the van or put the awning on he wrong side we turned the van and he went off muttering to himself that these forein vans should be banned..We never went back.

  • I appreciate the fire risk thing but you can take things too far, and that doesn't actually sound like fire risk, just jobsworth :( :(

  • I used to have a campervan, but it had to go after i developed cataracts. I really miss it.

  • Aww, shame. I always wanted one. Can Cataracts be treated?

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