silent illness

I have had fibro for many years now. I try to control it by being positive and pushing myself to the limit. I feel so sorry for the younger people who have many years to try to control this! I try to be positive in my outlook and when I am full of pain, i try to think of people who are in far more pain than we are. Life is facing what we have and trying to make the most of it and be happy, also making others happy.

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  • Hi christinehill

    I sincerely hope that you are as well as can be. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all, it is inspirational and very motivational. I agree with you totally, there is always somebody out there who is worse off than us. I truly believe life is what we make of it, we cannot withdraw from it or it will pass us by and then we have lost!

    All my hopes and dreams for you.

    Ken x

  • Ken, in the immortal words of Basil Fawlty in answer to your third sentence - well, I'd like to meet him.

    In reality I often have

    You're right, we only get one shot at life and it's so easy to miss out. on something because of a hasty decision. Paul :P

  • Hi christinehill,

    Your lovely words are a tonic and come from a beautiful soul.

    Thank you for them and for you.

    I pray that you'll have a better day today and continue to take the good from each moment :)

    Take care,

    Signlady x

  • I've been sitting here wondering the best way to reply to this. All I can say is that it was lovely to read these positive comments first thing this morning. Keep them coming!!!XXX.

  • Hmmmmm. I have tried and tried to think of what I could say how very wonderful your words are and I can't. As Ken says, truly motivational. Thank you so very much and may you have as many good days as you possibly can. Big love, Lyn xxx

  • hi there its grt to know you are so positive and I know what you mean about pushing yourself to the limit, I did this for many years until I then got RA as well and now try to be a bit kind to myself, you need to be too! my granddaughter got fibro at 7 years old, it was very sad for many years but now at 14 she seems to be in remission which is lovely. take care and be a bit kind to yourself.

  • Hi I have had Fibro for tenish years and I also try to be positive and I do find iy helps a lot

    I also used to push myself to the limit anf sometimes still do but I went on a pain management course which helped me to learn to use pacing to manage the symptoms, I don't always get it right but when I do it helps a lot

    I also spent a long while not doing anything exercise wise but now I have found gentle stretching and walking do help to keep mobile

    Well done for trying to remain positive about things , its nice to see a post where someone has not given up xx

  • Hi

    they do day positive thoughts draw positive reactions :-)



  • Christine it was endearing to read that, thankyou :)

    I believe in making the most of what I have............ when I can!! and in the meantime particularly feel good if I can make at least one person smile in a day.

    I surround myself in positivity daily, if someone is feeling down and negative my OH and I will both strive to make them feel better. That's just our nature :) We have nothing but we gladly share that nothing with anyone that needs it, despite the pain, the stress, the anguish and exhaustion :)

    Positivity is catching like a bug ;)

    Pain busting fluffies on route to you Christine, thankyou for the post :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • And you should know, Sian. How do you get so many fluffies to share?? Gentle hugs. Paul x :P :P

  • Ah! now then Mister, they have fabulous den and set of burrows! that's a top secret location which 'I' the 'Fluffmeister the Extroadinnaire' knows :o

    Oh and my wonderful Assistant in Command, Haribo :)

    They must be kept safe and away from evil cats which try to overturn the goodness that the fluffies give out. So ok, its virtual world playtime :p The cats also like to take members hostage and make them do bad things to fluffies for them :o Not acceptable :o


    Oh! please don't feed them chocolate :D

    Always have a packet of marshmallows at hand :D

    :) xxxsianxxx :) fluffie boinging madness ..... shaking my head LOL :D :p :D

  • Is chocolate to fluffies like water to a gremlin??? :P :P

  • No that happens when you give them too much jelly or jam :o

    Giving them chocolate is like feeding them after midnight - :o CHAOS :o

  • Oooooh.

  • :D :D :D

    if you stumble across any of the crazy evil cat posts you may find out a few things about fluffies!!

  • :D :D :D

  • They're hard to pen in as well aren't they?

    :P :P

    Let me know how long it takes to do it :D :D

  • To do what !?! :o

    web page doesn't exist or something like that ! :)

  • so it doesn't ! shame. It was an amusing game with a cat in the centre & you had to stop it escaping by clicking on squares. :(

  • Ahhhhhhh!

    I'm busy rebuilding some empire with match 3 game at the minute alongside playing the Adelantado trilogy which has been quite perplexing as there were so many bugs and glitches....... been fixed now tho :)

  • How on earth do you find time to breathe, what with cat hunting and fluffy farming. All I can say is it's a good thing the Knotty Ash Jam Buttie Mine is on the other side of the Pennines. :P :P

  • hahahahahah :D

    Cheers for the chuckle am so pleased about that, but which side?

    :D :p :D

    I grew up on one side of the Pennines but now live on the other side!!! :o :o :o

  • OMG you crazy mixed up kid :P Knotty Ash is a real suburb of Liverpool :P :P

    Near the jelly lake :P

  • I was supposed to know that why!?! and cheers for the complement :p

  • Ever heard of Ken Dodd and the Diddy Men? (with apologies to the Author, no disrespect intended) LOL Hehehe :P

  • Oh Right!! Yes.............. but clearly filed well away in the head :p

  • Their best years were way before your time anyway x

  • Cheeky :p


  • I too have had fibro for years & ive always worked too but I have had to cut down my hours to 7a week as a dinner lady which is all about I can manage but like you I push myself till I drop which is sooner than later these days but I keep smiling for my family big hugs go's out to everyone xxx

  • Brilliant Christinehill

    I had a very inspirational friend with cancer who said much the same. I think myself lucky. While I've never been fit I've been reasonably healthy and have done most things I wanted within my capability. That's all changing with fibro and the challenge is adapting to ever changing new "normal".. My wry humour has mixed effects. I'm kind of proud to have been kicked out of recovery after an op. I was chatting to the anaesthetist and overheard the nurse talking to the ward "BP's high but he's so b***** cheerful you can have him back! I think that was a compliment. Do please share your pain, too. it reminds me of my own mortality. I need the bad as well as the good. And there's nothing like a fellow sufferer. Outsiders just don't come up to the mark :) :)

  • Hello christinehill

    I agree with you entirely.

    As the saying goes 'When life gives you lemons - make lemonade!'.

    I know we fibromites have to look at our pain differently because we are in it permanently [well, I am,]. My friends say 'You are so brave. You never complain'. 'No', I think, 'Firemen running into burning buildings to save people are brave, we fibromites have realised that if we started to complain about the pain we might never stop and so it's much better, both mentally and physically for us [and for our friends too], to try and make the best of a bad situation and try to use the power of positive thinking. This is because we know that complaining about the pain won't make it go away. This doesn't make us brave - it makes us more understanding and realistic about our chronic condition.

  • I dont know who wrote about lemonade brilliant analogy!! I agree that all the youngsters should be supported and comforted in their lives to come. Those of us who are more mature are in a position to care with empathy and experience.

    Take care every one in the coming days the weather for cast is dreadful. Keep warm and safe.


  • Hi Gins. It's a safe bet it was Abraham Lincoln. "90% of quotes on social media are. in fact true" - Abraham Lincoln :P :P

    Yes to bad weather. The Wildlife Trust's cows and horses have been evacuated for their safety. :(

  • According to wikipedia the original quote is "He picked up the lemons that Fate had sent him and started a lemonade-stand" .By Elbert Hubbard in the obituary to a dwarf actor Marshall P. Wilder in 1915

    Every day is a school day :) :)

  • Hi Christine me too ive had fibro for several years and am in pain most of the time, I try to be positive for my staff and family, I work full time and its hard at times when I have a flare I cant work no energy as u know too well, but I soldier on and try to be happy smiley and not too negative, yes its hard but like most of you I don't want to give in I have too much to do , too many grandchildren to have fun with yes I get the really bad times and like I said my pain is with me 24/7 as im intollerent to most of the meds, I can not have anymore so I am now having pulsed radio frequency treatment with the hope this will take the edge off my pain. hope u have a lovely day xxx

  • Hi all, I,ve really enjoyed reading these positive posts. In my life I have so much to be grateful for, and I truly am. However, could I say that it,s really ok to have a really big rant/cry sometimes. I think the important thing is to allow yourself to feel these emotions sometimes, and then carry on. This site is wonderful for rants because we,re not family, but we are non judgemental friends who can bear a rant from time to time! Lots of love to all xxxx

  • I agree its the silent illness, but could do with help in convincing my family that I'm not lazy and moody and boring. Had the diagnosis of fibromyalia for 6 years on all the usual meds they prescribe, but I have little energy, and everything irritates me. Im currently in a living well group arranged by my work support and I so want it to be helpful. let you know how it goes x

  • Good stuff. I see I'm not the only one struggling with family as much as anyone else

  • Motivational post.

    Tis terrible hard sometimes. I agree I am so glad that I am not facing the nasty surprises that the body throws up in my prime so to speak.

    Thank you.

  • Hi there I had fibro from twelve but they started taking me to docs at ten because of pain .im now 62 so have had it and many other illnesses that come attached to it for nearly all my life .I have managed to have three children have been suicidal with pain many times but still I smile and think I'm blessed and I look at the people in the grip of addictions and know I'm blessed or the poor children of the world without parents and thank God .For those of you starting with this know that you can and should do what you can but pace yourself .xx

  • hi christinehill my daughter is 19 with this illness i got her to come on this group to try and help her and its frightened her .She has it bad but plodding on but she is already planning to start a family with her long time boyfriend which i think she is to young .I am afraid the answer to this was i could end up in a wheel chair the doctors dont listen they think pshio is the answer to it all and it just causes more pain.She gets no help as i myself am disabled but try to help her cope with the pain but its hard .I no exactly why the young ones will have trouble as it does take years to teach yourself to cope with pain .

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