Hi there everyone just a few lines to say may it be a good day for you all. Well went to see my doctor and im so gutted seems the lower lumber with nerve damage is not a problem but my feet and left hand sign seems to be worsening every month. I realise there's no way of really telling but im being asked to up my activities and to be honest the chronic pain from this condition keeps me in a semi flare continually and I really think im doing enough in my day that I can cope with. Just so tired just wan t to give up now and continue alone at least then I wont be having to worry about trying and failing I hope you all know what I mean. She was really lovely and said people get better from this but where is this happening I thought it was incurable really feel lousy now can any of you help me is there quite a good reprieve rate somewhere that I don't know about ? Well just tired now any feedback would be welcome right now. I for my house work and some help at my daughters house too too be honest this makes me exaust easy and have to pace this too and I find this to be my limit yet alone more.

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  • You know what your body is telling you better than anyone else listen to that first would be my advice because only one person pays the consequences of overdoing things.

  • Ian ty its a friendly reminder which helps me to remember this ty xx

  • HiRoyalspec,

    I know from experience that some improvements with some aspects of fibro are possible. But, dont know of anyone being cured, would like to meet them! I find it very difficult to keep up with housework, let alone do anyone else's. Please be kind to yourself and take it very easy,

  • Hi Shazzy ty so much I was beginning to feel guilty about finding it a struggle as my symptoms increase after a couple of days and this puts me back its nothing to much just a little hovering or washing up with a perching stool and still pacing but by evening really wishing I could just stop but then of course fatigue is a lot too and don't enjoy my days at all. Don't mean to sound money but fog a fatigue are my two main symptoms of flares so I just push my self till then . But im going to take your advice and take it easy a bit then I can recharge my batteries. any ways ty for your kind advice not so alone now. xx

  • You know what your body is telling you better than anyone else listen to that first would be my advice because only one person pays the consequences of overdoing things.

  • Good afternoon

    Who was giving you this information,

    no dont answer that we do not

    dp naming and shaming are

    Fybromyaligia is a permanent condition

    so the facts are that fybro is a persistent pest once you get it.

    Please take the time to read all about it at

    best wishes


  • felt so weak and in pain after dog walk only fit to go back to bed.needed some shopping but too scared to go out incase I collapse or something so did an online shop having to get more than what I needed to spend £25 minimum needs hoovering btu it will ahve to wait til later .get someone in to do it fro me.,just woken up with both dogs on bed one crying and one pawing tired after vivid so lifelike dream.sunny outside so going to sit in garden with dogs .oh if only this (pelvic)pain would go pain relief helps-gp I saw on tuesday changed pain relief which may be helping btu they need to find the cause.go now dog whining wants attention

  • I'm sorry to hear you are struggling so much Royalspec01, it's no fun at all to be so tired and sore with no one understanding. I sometimes feel like I'm banging my head against a wall with this condition. Some members of my family seem to think you can get better from FMS if you exercise enough, my mother is constantly asking me to reduce my pain medication because it can't be good for my kidneys, and says I probably only need it because my body is used to taking it! Only we know ourselves what we are going through, and so it's important to listen only to yourself, and not be pressured or pushed into overdoing it, out of guilt. X

  • Hi Royalspec01

    I am so sorry to read that you are struggling in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. My physio always tells me to pace myself and do not overdo things, and I think she is absolutely right! if we overdo the exercises, the working, or the housework etc, then all we do is make ourselves feel worse.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Id like to say ty so much for all of your inspiring advice and support it really does help me you guys are just so consoling for me ty. xx

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