Hi fibro friends Just had my call back from PIP re assessment long story short I wont be reconsidered on my assessment

I would like some advice I have been told if my condition has worsened which it has... I have to put in a new claim ......Is it really worth it. Im worried about my job having lots of time on sick .......financially I am struggling ......Have to admit im feeling pretty low at the minute...tea and sympathy is what i feel I need right now........xx

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  • Hi Mazzer, sorry to hear your PIP application has been unsuccessful. I would certainly reapply if your health has worsened, at the end of the day all it will cost is time. I would suggest you contact your local citizens advice centre to help you complete the form this time. Good luck, Linda

  • Thank you Linda...will keep going like you say nothing to lose eh...

  • Bless. I can't make you a cuppa, but I can send you a hug.x

  • many Thanks.....hugs are good

  • Hi I failed the DLA even on appeal which I felt would sort me out. So I applied on the first day for PIP - after months I eventually got a positive decision - I can only speak from my own experience, but I would re-apply & keep on doing so until you get the support you need. All the best, Eddie

  • Thats good news for you Eddie ,I will keep trying

  • Thank you and congratulations....

  • Moning Mazzer sending you tea and biscuits, take a pause refresh yourself now dont give up be positive you

    need help go get it,

    Best of lluck


  • thank you gins I will best wishes to you Mazzer

  • Hi Mazzer

    Im so sorry that you are going through all this but i would re apply asap, i have still not heard but i have made my mind up that if i dont get it i am going to try and try

    Wishing you luck with what ever you deside to do

    Giving you Gentle Hugs

    Gilly xxxx

  • Thanx Gilly..Hope you hear soon and you get a better result than me

  • Hi Mazzer

    Hope the tea and biscuits helped:)

    Like the others here I would definitely NOT give up.

    I know the form filling is a bit of a bind, especially when a lot feels like you are repeating yourself.

    I have an appeal in for the support group. I feel I have to get that as when DLA changes to PIP for me I will not get it. I am sure if I stay in WRAG they will say I don't have enough points.

    I have middle rate care and there doesn't seem to be a category for that with PIP.

    So, keep appealing, they expect you to lose interest and make their job easier. Don't give them that satisfaction.

    Fingers crossed for you:)


  • Thank you I will keep trying

  • One thing I have learned over the years is that worry/stress only makes the pain worse, try to take some time to relax, you will cope much better for it. Gentle hugs.

  • You right i know thank you and take good care

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