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Has anyone gained an allergy since having fibro?


The last few months I have seemed to develop an allergy to my wedding ring. It makes my

finger so sore and I showed someone the mark it left and they said it looks like a burn? It's not a new ring I've been married 7 years in July. My skin is so sensitive at the moment even my clothes feel like they r rubbing.

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Hi Hols15,

Sorry to hear you're having allergic reactions :(

It's something I too have developed since being ill, I've had same wedding ring for 37 years & I have severe reaction when having flare up!

It is like a burn you're right! It's worse in summer when hotter ( I've got very slim hands so it's not tight).

I usually find it rights itself if I don't itch & rub!

Hope it subsides soon for you !

Sign xxx

Hols15 in reply to Signlady

Thank you. I leave it off for a few days and it goes down but then the same happens when I put it back on xxx

Hi, I have had to stop wearing metal rings since having Fibro - find the metal feels like its burning, especially when its cold. Also my hands swell up. Don't know if its the Fibro or the raynauds which I've also developed. I now wear a wedding ring made of silicon which looks like gold, because I hate not wearing a wedding ring. I got it online from the US for about USD 6.00 as well as not reacting to it, it also stretches with my hands when they swell and goes back to normal size when my hands do x

Hols15 in reply to agtf1

Oh wow think I need to look in to that. Thanks x

Hi, yes i seem to sneeze all the time, my sinus's are constantly blocked and its driving me crazy! Even allergic to alcohol! Noooo.....also been recently diagnosed with asthma, fibromyalgia has a lot to answer to. I hope u feel better soon, try allergy tablets from your local chemist it doesn't cure it but it may well ease your reactions a little. Xxx

Hols15 in reply to shazzad

Thank u. I know the feeling with alcohol if I drink it makes the pain so bad. Your right it has so much to answer for x

Yes I have developed a number og allergies as well as getting psorisis and excema. I was told this could be related to FM

I have the same problem at times with my wedding ring and I find that a little Hydrocortisone cream helps. I've found with Fibro that I have a lot of 'allergies' but I also have Coeliac disease along with IBS and Osteoporosis as my Coeliac disease was not diagnosed for years until I Dermatitis Herpitiformis developed and the Gastroenterologist reckoned I'd had it all my life. I'd always suffered from bowel/stomach problem which was put down to 'nerves/depression' and even the DH was put down to psoriasis and one doctor accused me of 'self harming'!! Not my scene at all and depression no. I was dosed up on goodness knows how many drugs in the past but thankfully I have a couple of good doctors now helping me as much as possible. I've just had 31 injections of Botox to help with terrible head pain they think could be migraine. Some days I can hardly get around as I'm so stiff and painful. I've even had falls due to this. Absolute horror Fibro is but I try to keep a positive outlook and enjoy the odd day I get off! I do mean the odd day as it never really goes away just subsides a bit. Fibro seems to effect everything in the body internally and externally with lots of weird symptoms mimicking other disease and this is why it's often missed by Doctors. But check your allergy out with your doctor re the wedding ring. Best to keep on top of things. Keep your hands moisturised with a good simple moisturising cream. I have brittle nails and dry skin with my Fibro and it can become quite painful so keep moisturising your skin and hands and feet. I can't wear perfumes now either as that effects me. Seems our bodies get to the stage they almost reject everything. I can empathise with anyone that has fibro. My husband has it as well but thankfully he doesn't get the full works like I do!

Hols15 in reply to chrissy30

Oh no that's terrible. I like you found it really hard to get anyone to listen but thankful found someone welling to listen x

I've recently had trouble with my earrings. I used to be able to wear anything, including cheap and nasty, but in the last few days I've had trouble with gold and silver. I don't know if this is related to my fibro or not......damn nuisance I know! I don't feel dressed without my earrings!! My aunty suggests that I dip the posts in moisturising cream first, but that didn't work yesterday!!!! XX

Hiya, I have exactly the same problem. My finger has a scar their now. It kept getting so sore. I take antihistamines daily now. I never suffered with allergies before, now I have allergies to food, animals, the garden.....everything!!! Its a nightmare. X


I've developed an allergy to Amoxolyn which are a well known anti biotic which I have taken before many times for different things, but the last time I had them I only took one and I came out in a rash with terrible hives and had to have antihistamines to calm my skin, I also have very sensitive skin in general.


yes, I have developed a number of what I call sensitivities since developing fibre. I can't wear anything made from wool as my skin itches, any metal jewellery other than gold makes my skin itch then weep and I have become very sensitive to gluten



Thank you everyone and there was me thinking that was a stupid question xxx


I too have developed allergies with sneezing and sinus problems. It started just a few months ago and have to take allergy medication but that make me irritable. It's just one more problem I have to deal with. Good luck to you.

Hi there

I am so sorry to hear of your allergy. I have developed food allergies since my diagnosis especially to lactose and soya. I sincerely hope that you find an answer to your problem.

Take care

Ken x

Hi I have had something similar but not as bad I seem to react to cold and hot temps and I'll have a sudden itch season my partner says I look like a monkey wen it happens lol good luck with urs my dr prescribed me a hay fever tablet to help with mine and touch wood it does wen I take it

Hols15 in reply to Phoenixstepf

I have the same with the hot and cold. The itching is terrible.

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