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Insomnia 4 - Charlie 2

I'm finally catching up to the insomnia. The last two nights I have dosed off about 1.30am, which is much better than 5.30am! I was at the doctors today, but she was reluctant to prescribe anything for sleep. She said that the duloxetine has the side effect of insomnia. So she suggested that I take it in the morning, rather than the evening.

So here goes, will see how it goes tonight!

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Hi charlie, I'm pleased you are beginning to even the score with insomnia, why is it we get to 5.30and the ping..... Off we go when we should almost be thinking about getting up, it happens frequently, not all the time to me thank goodness, so I do fully sympathise and understand how ghastly it leaves you feeling.

I'm pleased the doctor was helpful enough to mention taking the Duloxetine in the morning, let's hope that solves the problem, if not you must go back and ask for more help.

Sending positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Hello Foggy :)

I feel quite good about it after being to the doctors. Really need to get it under control again because I work shifts and getting up at 6.15am on 45 minutes of sleep just isn't going to work well.

Hope your having a good day!

C x


Oh my word, don't you just, I was talking being up before 8.00 but no one can survive on 45 minutes of sleep, you must feel really really strung out ! :o :o I truly hope that things improve considerably very soon indeed, do let us know how you get on, please :-)

Foggy x


Hi Charlie,

I have seen every hour during the night for the past few months as well. I get out of my bed 5.30-6.00 every morning stiff , exhausted and sleepy. What a life, I am due back to work at the end of this month and I do wonder how is that going to work out for me once again. I have an eight month old angel who now sleeps right through the night which I am lucky for. Hope the sleep hygiene eventually falls into place for us.

Lizz xx


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