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I have insomnia because of my fibromyalgia, I'm on gabapentin and it seems to have made it worse, does anyone have any suggestions on how to have a better night sleep (tablets or home remedies)

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Wish I had the answer too :( The Insomnia Club seem to meet regularly on here between 2 and 4 am unfortunately. If you find anything that works please let me know.

Yeah when I get it it doesn't matter what I do even sleeping tablets don't work .. It's a case of riding it out and submitting to here between the hours dinkie said lol .. Sorry I'm not much help xx


A spoonful of honey before bedtime helps apparently. I have tried it myself and found that I did sleep a bit better. x

I stopped taking gabapentin as it didn't agree with me, I take nortriptyline in the eve, it helps with pain & makes me sleepy, but not such a drowsy feeling in the morning.

I use a sleep app that allows me to mix 3 sounds ( out of about 50) I found white noise, mixed with waves and a crackling fire worked. It's on a timer and a couple of times at the beginning I was still awake after 30 minutes but stuck with it and it seems to have reset me sleep pattern. Only occasionally I have a restless night.

My doctor put me on amytriptyline as I don’t really sleep without it. It’s really helped. I take it just before going to bed and it helps give u a restful nights sleep.

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I've tried that and it doesn't work for me

See my reply to ladyfa

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I can't see it

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This is it:

Have you tried any natural techniques? Deep breathing from the belly, ocean sounds you can get on apps, mindfulness, lightning process. Google Phil Parker for a book on the latter, can be very helpful for anxiety and pain. My daughters life has been transformed by it.

Hi Inola,

I use a few things; dab some lavender oil on my pillow, listen to my fav sleep music on youtube. At the moment I'm using a sleep app because I was curious about my sleep quality. Also read pink noise is good for better and deeper sleep. I'm always on the lookout to try new things but at the moment the oil and music really does help me.

Melatonin helps also zopiclone sleeping pills but once u are on them u wont sleep without them

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