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lump on my left wrist ?

ive been having a lot of pain in my left arm so neuro sent me for a EMG ( awaiting results ) but for the last week my hand and wrist very sore and painful if i moved it in a certain way, wrist and hand swollen and now i can feel a lump on my wrist? it always seems to be my left side where i feel the most pain compared to my right side strange? has anyone else had or got this problem and whats with the lump? it seems to be one thing after another and i feel im never away from the gp's xxx

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Hi Bellablot I have this. For some reason I have what is called synovial cysts. They, for me, usually last for approximately a year. They hurt a lot, for me, they leave bony scarring and always come back. I got my first 1 on the back of my right hand when I was about 10. I am 47 now and I still have that 1 come up and go down. The 1 on my left wrist is still giving me lots of trouble. Another 1 has left bad scarring on the middle finger on my right hand palm side. I do have many cysts in my breasts, my face cheeks lol but the 1 that is scaring me is a new 1 on my neck. I have a big issue with Doctors and have only seen 1 in the last 3 years but am trying to pluck up the courage to get it looked into. Having just read this back I sound like a right lumpy freak but the ones on my face are on the insides and unless I show the others people don't even notice them. If yours are the same then they are not nice but they are nothing to worry about. Good Luck x


i have a lump on my left wrist think its a ganglion had it before then it went but has come back with avengence quiet painful


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