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I'm so depressed I can't seem to concentrate or stop worrying

Having fibrosis and cfs is getting me down I try so hard to stay positive and happy, my head is so fizzy I can't concentrate and the pain is so bad I have to use wheelchair to get about, I have been stuck in doors for along time now as I panic just going outside. I just don't know what to do if anyone has any advice for me with ways to help me that we'd be brilliant. K

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Hi Kay, I'm so sorry you are feeling so low and that you are having so many problems at the moment. I must be so hard for you having difficulty facing going out, I understand that too, I could quite easily become a hermit, but it's not that I would panic, for you that is such a problem. You say you try to stay happy and positive, but maybe you have to accept that sometimes that just isn't possible and treat yourself very gently and stay in without worrying about it. I am not sure I have said anything very helpful, but know that I am sendi positive healing vibes your way, and hope that 2014 might bring some better times for you :-)

Foggy x

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Thank u for Ur reply u have been a great help x


Hi Kayjane, when i contracted ME I was exactly as you are now. too afraid to leave the house and too ill and tired to do anything about it. the only answer i can think of is: give yourself time to recover from your bouts of illness. I know that when the illness first hits you it's like being mown down by a steam train but i've been ill for several years now and unfortunately i can only say that removing the negative people around you and any negative situations that are affecting you is a good place to start. some of my negative people were family members and that was very difficult to do as any arguments would make me ill for weeks - and believe me, I know exactly how painful and depressing these times are.

can you see your doctor about better medication for the pain? have you been referred to a pain clinic or similar? these health professionals might just help you cope better. sometimes all you need to someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on (literally!) I know it sounds a bit trite but do you have any hobbies to keep you occupied during your illness?

I wish you well Kay, gentle hugs xxx


Hi Carella

I agree its awful to discard people but negativity is the worst trigger for us and I've been going through that process this last year, well longer actually. It is difficult but both me and my OH have noticed a huge difference to both of us :) and yes some of my OH's family have been part of it :o

very good advice Carella many fluffies on route to you to heal and comfort

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Thx u for Ur reply my doctor is not very good to me it feels like he isn't interested in helping me, I have had all sorts of therapy and nothing seems to work. I just don't know Wat to do x


Hi Kay Sending lots of gentle hugs and support, your very loved xx


Hi kayjane .. So sad to hear how you are feeling . One step at a time . I met a lady who was a teacher and life coach then wham .. Fibro/CFS . IN HER WORDS .her life taken away she was scared to go out then one day she need to post a letter she took the 50 steps to the post box very scared and in lots of pain .she sat befoe returning and chatted to a lady . The next day she did the same and very slowly her life improved .she now go around the country giving talks and write books on the fibro .. Wonderful lady who inspired many members of our support group ....... Sending you hugs x


Hi Kay

I'm sorry things are seeming droll and depressing at the moment but as Carella suggests cutting out negativity is a good start. I'm stuck in house all the time too and can completely empathise with the lonliness and sadness that comes with it especially when partnered with the chronic fatigue and pain. I find myself playing games on the laptop cheers me up, gives my brain challenges to help with memory and hand-eye co-ordination issues as well as helps a lot to pass time by but most of all a fantastic method of distraction.

I also have long term anxiety and depression issues and suggest that you could also try relaxation techniques to help relax you before going out. When you are out and feel panicky take time out in a nice quiet coffee house to recover your stability have a cuppa and a piece of cake to reward yourself for getting out in the first place. Also, I have found snapping an elastic band on my wrist when feeling anxious helps if I'm out the sting hurts but the more you go out eventually the less stings you'll give yourself.

Many healing and calming fluffies on route to you Kay and I'm wishing you many better times ahead :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Just sending you a pinch of star dust.

So much good advice has been given.

But don't forget to factor in the winter light.

I am always fighting the black dog this time of year.

One of my cheer me uppers is the radio. Some how I feel more connected to the world via the radio rather than tv. I love the programes that play music from my hey day.

I am sure I did have one once.



Hello Kay I am also stuck in the house unless hubby takes me out as I am unable to drive and we cant really afford to keep paying for petrol, who can? I get most upset when he takes our dog for her daily walk that was my job for almost 35 yrs with 4 different dogs and I loved it .Now I keep finding new hobbies to keep me occupied, starting with learning to use a computer I have also learnt how to do needle tatting, tunisian crochet and I am now trying to learn lace making. None of it has been easy with my fuzzy head but It gives great satisfaction when it finlly twigs. I think what I am trying to say is that finding some thing as a distraction helps a lot. hugs Sue now i d better go and search the rubbish for the knob off the cooker Ive lost it


you do make me chuckle sue xx hope you find it


Sorry zeb I still havent found it, I washed up then did the hobs and knobs and as far as I can remember I didnt leave the kitchen. We have searched draws cupboards the rubbish and even my handbag ,well you never know. I found a jug with the remains of egg in it the other day, why the heck id put in the food cupboard instead of the washing up ill never know.Oh well the knob will turn up or not i am not going to loose sleep over it...Sue oh and congratulations Zeb you deserve it


Thankyou sue and you're right it will turn up in the most strangest of places no likely heheheh!



Wow, that's so impressive Sue, I thought I'd done well by just taking on felting, I would love to have your skills too :-) :-) Well done you :D

Foggy x


Wow Sue, that is so impressive, I thought I was doing well to learn felting, but you put me to shame, I wish I had your skills, the only thing I find easy is using a computer (well iPad now) but then I've had much practice, since they first came out, and wow how they've changed, I remember the first being BBC ones, which basically just did word processing and not much more :o :D

Foggy x


thanks for the complement foggy but feel that I dont deserve It. I first learnt to do basic crochet from an aunt who always had a part finished blanket on the table.Most of the rest was learnt from you tube.Doing things with my hands has always come easy Its the computer that gets me confused. Oh the knob is still missing and am I getting some stick from the family...x




Hi Kay I am a complementary therapist who gives free advice. I specialise in CFS , cancer anti-ageing and dementia. I dont know much about fibrosis, but a lot about the "mental exhaustion" side of cfs. [Edited by Admin] [Email address removed as per guidelines]

Happy and healthy new year, Dave


Thx u all for Ur reply u all have gave me some good advice, I have had a lot of therapy over the years but nothing seems to work, my family don't bother with me and I have a lot of different illnesses, I've had a life full of abuse and I find life so hard, sometimes I think it's better not to be in it and just give up because that seems easier somehow. I find im crying a lot of the time I can't sleep and I feel so much alone, which no one to talk to or anyone that wants to listen, my life just consists of taking loads of tablets which I hate having to take, I think they make my thinking worse but im not sure as I can't tell wats real or a dream anymore. I just wish I knew Wat to do. Kay :(


Hello Kayjane,

I'm so sorry you are feeling the way you are at the moment, many of us have experienced these feelings living with Fibro so we all understand. Here in our community we hear about each others ups and downs, we are always here to listen and we do are best to advise you too.

You sound like you may wish to consider visiting your GP as it may be that if you explain how you are feeling he/she will advise the best treatment for you at this present time. You mention your medications, are you suffering from some unpleasant side effects? and maybe need a medication review.

I would encourage you to seek other outside support so you are able to talk to others in your local area. Finding a counsellor, joining a support group and chatting here may all help you to know you are not alone in this. if you wish to find a group near you they may be one in our Support Directory;


If you need to talk, the Samaritans are available 24/7. You can ring them whenever you need to. Here's the number & website link;

08457 90 90 90


If you experience any overwhelming feelings or any distressing thoughts please either ring NHS Direct or go to your local A & E for urgent medical attention.

Other thing which may help is finding a therapeutic hobby as it can cause a distraction and be relaxing. I certainly found when I was first ill and bed bound that I started card making which helped. I was surprised that I received many nice comments about my creations, This was very strange as I was very bad at art previously but it proved to be very enjoyable.

Or what about a mini pamper you don't have to spend a lot on products many sites online can provide tips on natural face treatments or feet exfoliator. I find if I give my feet a pamper, do my nails and moisterise them , it lifts my mood. Why not treat yourself ? !

Always know we are here and try to keep strong,

Thinking of you



Hi Kay sorry to hear that you are suffering and down. Pain is hard To bear, try and

Have compassion for yourself and know your doing your best. I find these things help me . Accepting myself and how I feel .Listening to music I like. Rest if you need it

Would someone be able to go out with you for a short outing as staying in will make

You feel isolated , which will make you feel worse.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Kind regards



Thank you guys It means a lot to know that there is people out there with fibromyalgia and cfs that care , I use to like to read and play games on laptop but i've lost interest in everything I just can't get my self to think positively. But ever since I signed up to this site and have found people to talk to, it makes me feel like there is hope, im sending big hugs to all you guys as well thank you x


Hi Kay,

Poor you ,depression is awful isn't it. You sound like you could do with some support at the moment.

I also think no fresh air cant help. Fresh air always lifts me a bit , even a short walk, its just wether you can make yourself go out. I know its hard but if you can ,do it , or have you an outside space to sit in ?

Also, I would change your gp and make an appointment to discuss how youre feeling and what kind of support is available .

MIND are also good at giving advice , knowing whats out there and run groups.

much love

Lara x


Thank u for replying gentle hugs x


I cant better anything already said. Most of us seem to have been there, done that etc. I know i have. It's a life wrecker! So can I just add my own gentle hugs?


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