hi all, hope you all had a nice xmas day,we did even tho my daughter who was on dessert duties locked herself out of her house

she has a dodgy door,so we had no pudding lol.then the men were washing up & blocked the sink, undone the pipe underneath & lost the washer!it was so funny,finally got washing up done at 7pm,there were only 16 place settings!all fun & games :) xx

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  • hope she got back in! glad you had a nice day :)

  • yes she's ok thanx :

  • Oh dear, I'm glad the men were doing the washing up, as they should if you'd slaved over a hot stove to produce their lovely dinner, but then they did have to fix the mess they probably made themselves.... :o :o

    I'm glad your daughter has been able to get in, these things happen and seem to have no respect for the fact it's Christmas...... But glad you seem to have had a nice time :-)

    Foggy x

  • lol o yes i can't stand there to do the mountain of plates & dishes! my eldest daughter & one of my sons helped a lot with the dinner too, i supervised more than anything :) even then i had to keep sitting down,anyway hope u had a good day :)

  • I had a very quiet day, I was completely alone, didn't see anyone except for my doglets, so I spent a chill out day dressed in my Pjs and did some reading and felting.......lovely and peaceful :-)

    Foggy x

  • o im sorry,are you ok?you shouldn't be alone at xmas,i feel sad for u now xxx

  • Oh no bluebell, please don't, I'm fine, I had my doglets and didn't have anything to worry about, I'm practising to become a hermit ;-)

    Foggy x

  • o foggy,i hope yr ok xx

  • I am fine bluebell, really truly :-)

    Thank you for your kind thoughts though :-)

    Foggy x

  • ok :) x

  • Merry Christmas bluebell10

    Sounds like a hectic time so I hope everything is more relaxed now for you and your loved ones

    Take care

    Ken x

  • hi ken, yes hectic as usual,i wouldn't expect anything less from my lot,i love it! luckily its a lot easier for me now kids are adults,lol,very tiring tho in all ways,hope you & your family had a good day xx

  • Yes thanks. It was a unique Christmas for my wife and I, as it was the first time that we have spent it on our own. My daughter had a new baby a few weeks ago and she and her husband spent their Christmas together as a family. It meant a lot less work for me but we did miss them xx

  • aw congratulations on the new baby,we had our 1st xmas on our own last year & it was horrible lol,didnt seem like xmas at all as we have 5 grown up kids & lots of grandchildren were used to the big xmas days(i cant think of the word):) but im pleased you had a nice day :) x

  • Sounds Like you had fun. We had our oven decide to pack up on Xmas day so we took it to my parents house 2 miles away as they were away abroad. Once cooked poped it in the car and drove home to eat with the family. Car smelt of turkey for weeks :)

  • o no! sounds like you had fun too lol :)

  • Life is like that always look on the bright side of life! ( I bet that songs in your head now :) )

  • lol ye cheers! :):)

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