Hi everyone just going to my dla tribunal today feel exhausted but more reassured im good for this claim even if lower rate at time of claim made.. Have a new condition its Charcoal foot does anyone have experience of this only when I read about it looks like the final outcome is amputation so pretty daunting in the long run staying on the rational with this one would be so depressed if I didn't.. well you lovely people wish me luck .

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  • Oh Good luck for today!!! Please let me know how it went, i am waiting for my tribunal, don't know what to expect x

  • Wishing you a successful outcome. I'm also waiting for my tribunal date. Good luck, deep breaths and give it to them straight. Xx

  • Aw!!! she is beautiful and instantly made me smile :D Its so wet and dreary here meaning I won't be going out and was feeling sad but she's given me back my smile :)

    Good luck for today hunny shall be thinking of you, keep strong and hope it goes well for you

    :) xxxsianxxx :) don't forget your festive fluffie bear for comfort and confidence

  • Good Luck for today x

  • Ty all for your lovely well wishes believe me they make me feel all warm and part of this site so love it my whole life has changed so much these last five years or so and don't really know what id have done or how id cope with this illness with out you all . I love my family they are so understanding and patient with it although narked and testy at times lol. Well I note that some of you ask how it went as you have your own coming up.

    1 make sure that you note all the things that would qualify points for your claim cause as far as I know they can only award what was at the beginning of a claim or at least until it goes up to the next tear then it doesn't matter they can award you if it has got worse so. well mine went disastrously. I was late even though I left and hour before it started well lucky for me my support CAB volunteer was there and asked for an adjournment. And if im lucky they will send me a document so that they can approach my doctor for his opinion. And they may also send someone to my home for a valuation so this is cool they can see im not lying and I live my life this way regardless of my claim. I so need the money now boots batteries for my mobility bike and so on. Well if that happens I may not have to go back there so fingers crossed and so hope you all the best for your claims too and make sure you have a support or advocate with you it matters ok all fluffed up and about to watch emerdale night everyone and ty again xxx

  • Hi, I have been for a tribunal , (and another one coming up next year) so I know how it feels. Best of luck with everything, and have a great xmas and new year. lots of luv, Liz xx

  • What a beautiful child. Good luck with your outcome and all the best for 2014.

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