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What do I want for Christmas [by mel a past member]

Melini 1 Nov 2012

What do I want for Christmas

What do I want for Christmas

I hear my husband ask,

Perfume, chocolates, wine,

Or something to help a task

What do I want for Christmas

My daughter says to me,

Make up, clothing, something else

Bath treats, a spending spree

Generous as my family are,

I love them so so much!

But the gift that I really want;

They cannot even touch

So want do I want for Christmas

Of all the things above

I'd like to be able to put on makeup,

Purchased with such love

I'd like to run my own bath

With smellies in so fine

I'd like like to go out

Wearing perfume and drinking wine

What do I want for Christmas

I just want to be me

To be able to cuddle my grandchildren

To be Fybromyalgia and pain free

I've written to Santa and his elves

I have provided a small list

If just for one single day

Could he consider my wish

What do I want for Christmas

The energy just to survive the day

To help in cooking the dinner

Laughing all the way

It's not that I'm ungrateful

Or that I do not care

For my husband, my daughter

Their gifts I'll receive, along with my prayer

I do not mind at all

If they do not buy a thing

For their hugs and all their love

Is all they will need to bring

So what do I want for Christmas

I cannot even say

For my family are the greatest gifts

I receive them every day

For their gift to me is their patience

Their love and their care sincere

Their understanding of the new me

Their respect never wavering so clear

Mel Isherwood

1 Reply

Oh what a beautiful poem.

Beautiful - because that too, is what I would ask for.

Just some pain free time. How wonderful that would be.

That and some decent sleep!

Hugs to all xxx


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