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Hope all my fibro friends are coping,take it easy.

I'm deciding whether to go back to uni.I'm unemployed at moment,have a degree in Zoology and would dearly love to work with animals,but I just can't get a job,it's heartbreaking for me.

I work voluntary for the PDSA,and love it,but being on benefits is stressing me out,and making me depressed.

I can do a adult nursing degree,get a bursary,and get my fees paid by the nhs,so I don't have to worry about loans tuition fees etc.

I'm going to uni tomorrow for the open day.I'm just worried will I be able to cope with my fibro.xx

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  • Hi Tabitha

    I went back to University to to do a Masters, the stress made my condition worst and I finished due to ill health with only two pieces of work left to do, I could not think straight in the end. I think it depends on how bad your Fibro is, I have had it 10+ years and it has got worst as I have aged, I no longer have pain free periods. If you can pace yourself you should be ok, only you know yourself! All the best if you do go for it, there is no harm in trying and at least you will feel that you gave it a go, if you don't go you will always wonder what if!

  • Thanks Sophie.I know what you mean about the stress,it was stressful when I did my zoology.I've been like this for about 15 years,i'm scared i'll start it and have to pack in,but as you said no harm in trying,and if it is too much iNll have to give up.xx

  • Honestly? No I wouldn't...at least not a nursing degree anyhow. Nurse training is tough enough for 'normal' people....someone with bad fibro (as it sounds like you have) would find the stress of uni work, plus placements- night shifts/on your feet all the time, neigh on impossible I would think. Also (don't lynch me for this!!) but it costs the NHS and awful lot of money to put you through nurse training so starting and then giving up would waste an awful lot of money x

  • Oh no Phoenix I wouldn't lynch you,lol.I do see what you mean.xxx

  • Ah phew!! By all means go along to the open day and ask people questions and see what you think- only you know how you feel and what you can cope with. I'm just seeing it from the other point of view with my NHS mangers hat on!! Xx

  • What on earth is a mangers?! Managers!! Stupid auto correct! Xx

  • A manger is a place for hay/ straw for animals to eat .... But if you want to chew on straw while wearing your managers hat ... We won't mind ....honestly nothing surprises us on here .... Apart from the time Moffy appeared in a few feathers and a top hat thinking we were doing a calendar for fibro this year

    VG ... Now hiding from Ladymoth :D

  • I have to say that I agree with Phoenix - nurse training is very demanding for even the most robust of people - I would bet my last quid that a fibro sufferer would find it impossible to stay the course.

    There are other caring professions that are not so physically demanding, so I would urge you to consider something that you would be more able to cope with.

    Moffy x

  • Thanks folks,i think in desparation i'm just trying to get something.My heart is with working with animals,hence my diploma in animal management,and zoology degree,but the animal industry is so hard to get into.As you know I work voluntary for the PDSA,and sometimes I struggle with this.Thanks everyone for their advice,i'll go to the open day,but this was what I was worried about whether i'd cope physically.xxx

  • How about working as a vet nurse, or at a kennels ?

  • I work voluntary now for the pdsa theres no paid work in the animal industry at moment.Wprking in pdsa is hard work alot of lifting cleaning kennels etc,i struggled this morning,but I luv it.x

  • Lol I honestly didn't read that as mangers out of context! My fibro fogged brain could not decipher it!!

    If your heart is set on animals, then stick with it. (Trust me, I love animals more than people, but chose people based career and regret it!!) there is a website that advertises local practices that take on vetinary nurse students and associated colleges- can't find it's now on my phone but sure you can find it through the royal vetinary society website x

  • Hi there. I'm a university lecturer. Can't do my job properly with fibro and have reduced to eight hours per week. Feel like I can't think anymore. Really, like my brain just isn't worth it. I wouldn't do a uni course with fibro. Agree with everyone else here sadly.It is a lot of work and is stressful. Agree with others you should look for a job our voluntary poison that you enjoy. I feel good when doing things I enjoy. I love animals, including horses, dogsand birds. Happily went dolphin watching theother day! I think animals are therapeutic.

  • Or voluntary position, sorry. Predictive text grrrr

  • Hi Tabithaboots - I'm in a similar position, and it was suggested recently that I maybe look at getting teaching certificate to train others and use my knowledge... hope that helps you as well? :) xxx

  • Thank you everyone.I went to the open day today.I think it's going to be tough for me.It was stressful doing my zoology degree,but nursing seems more stressful.I think I will just stick the pdsa voluntary work out,and be patient and see if something comes up in the animal industry,cause thats were my heart is really.Just today i've been aching all over cause i'm so upset I can't get paid work,and i'm now in a state with pain flaring up all over my body.

    Thank you so much everyone for your advice.xxx

  • I have a suggestion . .what about getting a job training up dogs for disabled people and then training the people how to live with their new pet aid. That would be a practical way of using your life experience and degree to some extent, and also enable you to work with animals. There is a training centre in Leamington Spa.

    Not only would the nursing degree be hard work but the work afterwards is very taxing. I doubt if they would take you on on.

    There will be something for you . . .how about writing about animals, either wild or in sanctuaries, from your own experience, that you can manage in your own time on your own terms?

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