mallet finger and tendons

mallet finger and tendons

has anybody else suffered this condition with there fibro, I stumbled yesterday and put my hand on the bed to support my fall and looked at my ring finger and it was bent at the knuckle and would not straighten went to acc and emer and I had snapped my tendon just supporting my weight, I am only 10 stone so not really that heavy been having pains in both hands since fibro but getting worse I don't have carpal tunnel been tested well plastic surgery for me tomorrow splinted finger for a while so just wondered if anyone else has experienced this condition???? fellow fibroites xx

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  • Sorry to hear you've had such problems with your hands and the incident you mention must have been very painful . I wish you well from it as soon as possible and good medics.

    I'm ignorant of the details of this condition for which my apologies, but I have noticed over the last couple of years that despite being hyper-mobile in various other areas of my body, it seems that I'm losing backward flexion all my fingers, hands and wrists. I also get vicious voodoo pains in both my ring fingers every now and then for no obvious reason. Medics didn't seem very interested in this, but it is now quite painful to attempt to put my palm flat on a surface and more so it I try to raise my arm so that it's at a right angle to my hand.

    Not that I do many handstands these days... x

  • breaking my tendon was not very painful at all I heard a snap and looked at my hand and there it was dangling down. my hands like yours are painful all the time and also when i put my palm down on a flat surface I get pains in my wrists if I raise above my head I will get pins and needles in my hands and lose the feeling for a while when i put them back down Lizzie me too had never heard of this condition until it has just happened to me but I am now afraid it will happen to more than one finger as when I put my hand flat I get pain in my other fingers in the same place as you say backward flexion in your fingers feels painful well I am gonna ask the questions tomorrow in plastics if it can occur in my other fingers it's quite worrying but thank you for your reply and best wishes for christmas to you and your family xx

  • Hi Livingwithfibro, just saw your message. Yes, I have experienced this and fully understand what you are saying. It happened to me about 18 months ago. I was trying on a pair of jeans in a shop and upon pulling them up, I heard this snap....the top of my middle finger on right hand was just hanging there. Went to A&E and they strapped the finger and gave me a splint, which I wore for 8 weeks. Went to the hand clinic at the hospital every week, but no joy...I ended up having an operation and a titanium pin was put in my finger to keep it straight. The scar is fading now, but there is an slight indent where the scar is. I was also worried that it would happen to my other fingers; but it has not; as yet. Although I have noticed that a couple of my fingers have what the nurses called 'swan neck deformity' I have wondered whether it is FM related or if it is just a tendancy....excuse the pun....that I have weak tendons. When I was still working, I was a audio typist/secretary and had been typing for years. I have often thought maybe that has caused a weakness in my fingers. Incidently, a couple of years before that, I had both my carpals operated on in my left and right wrists.

    Tannels x

  • Awww Tannels sorry to hear that at least now I know what to expect if the splint does not work, I am struggling at this time as this had affected my right hand and I am trying to keep the splint dry as it is only a temp one until I get to plastics tomorrow, I defo didn't have this pain and weak tendons before i was diagnosed with fibro a year ago sometime I wonder if their is something else as well hmmm. thank you very much for your reply and best wishes to you and your family for xmas and 2014 x

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