The Disgruntled Fairy from NRAS

Well - here I am,

look at me;

the fairy on top of the Christmas tree.

Dress all torn,

wings all tattered -

and a magic wand that's bent and battered.

My rosy cheeks are a little bit faded

and my smile is looking decidedly jaded.

I wish that Christmas was over and done

as these pine needles stick in my bum,

but I'll just sit tight,

even though

I suffer from serious vertigo!

For two whole weeks I'm perched up here

then it's back in the box for another year,

squashed between a bauble and a bell

no wonder I end up looking like hell.

I suppose one day they'll throw me out

with the left over turkey and brussel sprouts

'til then they gaze at me from afar -

but I wish they'd swap me for a bloomin' sta

13 Replies

  • Sounds a bit like the fairy has fibro! Morning gins,how are you? :)

  • Good morning Gins and Haribo. Xx

  • Good morning to you too,how are you?xxx

  • Yes, I'm good today thanks. You?

    Having a coffee after the school run and hanging out washing this cold, frosty morning.

  • Iam pretty lucky in that my carer does the school run for me.Not something I miss when it's cold and I feel like crap in the morning.I actually don't feel too bad today,going to get hair colour done then go into town I think :)

  • Very good Gins!

    There are so many talented people on site, we should put a book together for charity.

  • I loved it Gins.



  • Love it x

  • Brilliant!

  • like it! please add it to Poetry Corner :)

  • Hi must be being remarkably dim cannot move it I have highlighted ad endeavoured to click and move to PC mo go

  • if you click edit and then select p. c. & update it should move into it.

  • love this poem - thank you for sharing

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