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flareing !

hi to everyone , xx

I seem to have only a couple of days were its manageable , which I appreciate . but woke up this morning and my mood is so low that I want to be on my own , everything just seems to be overwhelming me , im sore everywere again , does everyone have this were one day your dealing with it and then you can feel like this so low and everything and everyone is too much for you !

maybe tomorrow will be different , xmas , well my tree is up but the thought of keeping going for everyone is tireing me .

sorry for being so negative , would like to know how things effect others also , so I know im not cracking up !

big hugs xx angie x

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Hi Angie. yes some day's I think right I'm really dealing with this fibro and the next day I feel as if I have all the troubles of the world on my shoulders and just want to hide away and be left alone, as I find every thing just too much.

I don't answer the phone because I feel I just can't deal with who every is calling, now I just accept that I will have days like this and try to keep myself to myself, I also tell my family how I'm feeling, so they leave me alone.

Well done for getting your tree up! I really want mine up, but haven't got the energy at the moment, my boyfriend will be here at the weekend so he said himself and my daughter will do it and I will supervise ;)

I hope you have a better day tomo, be kind to your self and try and get some time on your own

Sending gentle hugs

Mazz xx


Hi Ladies,

I am so glad that I am not alone in feeling like this, though I wish none of us did, it helps to know it is all part and parcel of fibro. Some days I can be feeling almost upbeat and others I find myself feeling so low I just want to be on my own and can't settle to anything or focus for any length of time, let alone do anything productive.

I am still coming to terms with many of the things I can no longer do and trying to get the hang of pacing myself, though most days the fibro wins hands down.

Here's to a day of positivity and wellness for us all,



Me too, no two days are the same really. The problem with that is when it's a good day and you feel almost. like "normal". you are tempted to go for it and do loads of things which of course is no good as then the next day it all catches up with. you and you have to pay for it , it's the old thing of pacing which is so hard to do but the best thing to do to to keep going'.


me too,some days i can do little things some days nothing at all,when i do feel ok'ish like today i went out to do a bit of shopping the 1st time i had been out for almost 3wks due to a bad flare up,as usual ive ended up in pain again i mean more pain as it never goes away just thru walking out & i stopped to sit down 4 times for about 10 mins a time in an hr 1/2.& so shattering,& trying to think straight well thts another story x


Hi - Some days are simply a nightmare. But remember that for ever bad day you get you will have at least one good day to be with the people who you love and it makes everything worthwhile xx


Ty everyone , and hugs xx


I get these days too, today is one of them...Hope tomorrow is better for us all :)


Love and hugs to everyone ! Had enough of this flare its awful xxxx


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