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busy week

Morning all, i just wanted to say what a busy week i have, i was at the doctors, monday afternoon. Occupational therapist monday morning. Today i am at the hospital for a Dexa Scan, Thursday i am at the hospital at the ENT to see if they can find out what is the reason for food sticking in my throat as the endoscopy showed clear apart from some gastroenteritis and fluid in my stomach.

Next week is as busy as well.

Makes me feel exhausted just looking at this.

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Good morning,I can emphasise with how you feel as I've also had a busy week and just looking at my calendar it's full of appointments,things to do,stuff with kids etc..Iam so looking forward to getting things out the way so I can kick back,relax and join the fibro hibernation club xxx


That is a busy week. I hope all the appointments go well for you.




thank you ladys


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