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So Tired

Not getting much sleep at the moment, beginning to suffer for it now, i am irritable, tired, in pain, getting constant headaches, bowels gone haywire and not being able to get warm. Heating was on last night, but i still had to wrap a blanket around me as i was so cold. Could not even go shopping yesterday with my son and his family. Just felt so run down. I am going back to GP next week.

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Morning Lindamorgan,

Have you been to see your GP or consultant recently. May suggest you go for a check up we all need winter MOT not just our cars!

Oh I just read you have a visit for next week excellent. There is nothing wrong with having a pajama day and snuggling down under an extra warm blanket, remember we dont move about so much so we dont generate as much heat. It is important to keep warm ! Nice warming cuppa helps - hot water bottle on specific area of pain sounds like you are covering everything keep smiling if nothing else makes you smile this message might :) xxgins



it's good you are going to your GP.

I agree with Gins. PJ days are necessary at times, along with a bit of pampering. I find I feel the cold so much more these days. I am either very cold or far too hot, to be honest.

A friend recommended these long wheat filled bags that you heat in the microwave and wrap around painful areas so I am giving that a try myself.

Not sleeping is a major thing for me and my sister. Listening to Relaxation CDs during the night helps. You can get these pillows that have a speaker in them and you can plug it into your iPod, etc so only you hear it.




Hi Linda, too am a fully paid up member if the wide awake club some nights only managing an hour or so, other nights I sleep and yet wake up completely shattered, as if I'd never had any sleep at all. I am pleased you are going to your doctor soon, so you can discuss with hi how you are feeling but I agree with gins and jilly, duvet or pj days are very helpful, especially at this time of year. Like jilly suggested, I use wheat bags, which can be useful because they can mould themselves where you want them, though I have problems when using them for my neck and shoulders as the weight is a bit of an issue.

I am sending warming, healing, positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Warming healing fluffies for you Linda the others have said it all really try to rest and wrap up, I'm in bed with a hat on because it was freezing this morning it helps loads when trying to warm up as you lose most of your body heat through your head.

Yes! I Know I look like a Dilbert but if it works for me then I do it.

Calming relaxing fluffies too for you Linda and hope things settle and balance back out soon.

:) xxxzebxxx :)

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Sounds like you may of picked up a viral infection.They can make you run down lethargic leading to over tiredness.And the bowel thing is just part of the course unfortunatly maybe worth the doctor running some blood test just to rule things out


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