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So,so tired!

Have had a really enjoyable day with my brother & sis-in-law, It was so much work though, to get the house ready, as well as feeding them. Although my husband helped a bit, it has really worn me out. I'm trying not to just collapse into bed as I find that I don't sleep well if I don't unwind first.

Now a friend (also with fibro) wants to visit next weekend. I want to see her & I now we'll have a laugh but I don't know if I'll be able to cope. I'm not sure if I'll be able to go to my Tai Chi class tomorrow, but I'll regret it if I don't manage to go.

I hate this tiredness almost as much as the pain!

My social life is getting less & less but I refuse to accept defeat! Don't really know where to find the energy to fight it though. Anyone know of a miracle cure? ( if only!!!!!)

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Hi cobweb,glad to hear you had a nice day but yes payback is rotten isn`t it.NOw you you know you want to see your friend so somethings gotta give.tai chi (which I`m looking to join) make you feel good and keeps you moving(I`M asuming here as I dont know you from adam ) lol,But guess what the house is tidy as you had a clean up that doe`snt need doing again,So guess what don`t accept defeat stir that fire in your belly up and have a visit with a mate who understsnds and makes you laugh,And that my love if it helps is the Butterfly54 miracle for the day.Good night sleep tight and gentle hugs xxxxx


Try to outsmart the fibro fiend! At Christmas time I wanted to have a girlie evening with my daughters and best friend but had no extra energy to cook etc. I came up with this idea- I invited them to a pre-Christmas pygama party,we all got new pygamas and slippers from Primark for a couple of pounds.I got a girlie movie and we had pizza and cava. It was a great night,all comfy in our new pjs , relaxing and we had such a laugh. We also had a pamper, painted each others nails,face-packs etc. I am having one every year now as part of my Christmas celebrations.Why don't you do that with your friend next weekend?

Gentle hugs.



Let the housework go and enjoy the company, as long as you don't give anyone food poisoning, a bit of dust and dirt should be OK. Open the windows to clear the air and make real coffee. If you do too much your fibro friend would be embarrassed to invite you back. I once had a friend with a brain tumour come to visit and she slept 44 of the 48 hours she was with me, but those 4 hours she was awake were wonderful.

Also keep doing things that you enjoy and are good for you like Tai Chi.

How about asking fit friends to do things for you while they are visiting, and perhaps bring some food. Also plan your meals, what can you do before hand and just need warming, or can buy in.



I find the fatigue the worst thing. I got up today at 11.30 am then needed to go back to bed at 2pm until 3.30 pm for a sleep. Usually it's not until 5 or 5.30 that I need my afternoon kip. I think it is the humidity. I find entertaining very draining. I can cope with friends in small bursts but I can't do full weekends now and I accept that. I think acceptance and not beating yourself up when you can't do what you used to is quite liberating - it has been for me anyway, though I've always found too much socializing too be stressful


I loved entertaining - now if anyone comes I make a one pot meal i.e. curry or whatever - anything done in a made sauce - a lot easier. If it does not consist of a moist meal. Visitors get paper plates. At first they could not believe it - explained. I just could not cope with the aftermath of cleaning up after everyone left. So just look for easier ways to have a social life indoors all be it soooo different lol. Amazing it took a while but now they think it funny - thank goodness.


Hi Cobweb,

I had my husbands family over on Christmas day and it nearly killed me. There is only 4 of them and 4 of us.My husband helped out and the kids did what they could I even cheated and bought everything already prepared i just needed to cook it. Because feeding an extra 4 people nearly killed me i had t cancel my own family for the second year running. I think the understand but it has ruined a family tradition that has been going for years. Hopfully next yr i will feel more up to it.


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