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Thank you for all your replies from my last post. I have had this twitching for nearly eight months. I have seen a neurologist and a rheumatologist but they can't find anything. The problem is that I have health anxiety and have convinced myself I have motor neuron disease, I didn't know you could get this with fibro but I still can't see a connection, I suppose I am blinkered. I know this is the fibro site but I have pain, albeit undiagnosed, and on the health anxity site, everybody is falling out and being bitchy. I have found this site very helpful and been made very welcome. Thanks for listening. Also forgot to say I have had CBT

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Hi holly. I'm so pleased that you find this a welcoming and helpful place to be, I think it is the best place I have found for friendship, support and knowledge. :-)

It must be pretty difficult for you if you have an underlying health anxiety and that must be hard for you to handle on a day to day basis. I hope tremendously that you don't have motor neurone, I have lost two friends to it, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I am pleased to read that you have got some ongoing support with CBT, but that doesn't address your current concern about your twitching, but then maybe, I'm wrong and it might !

I would say however, that I have big muscle twitches, occasionally more apparent than others, and I think it's is all part and parcel of Fibro, it has so many lovely symptoms it likes to throw at us, just to keep us on our toes ....... Or should that be backs...... hmmm !! Take care Holly, and you know we are here to support you as and when needed :-)

Foggy x


Hi Holly1950

Many years ago I use to manage a counselling and therapy centre. It could be that your twitching is an anxiety response i.e. a release mechanism. There are many other counselling styles out there that have a softer and more gentle approach than CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). There are two in particular that spring to mind such as humanistic counselling and person centre counselling. They look at all of you i.e. an holistic approach to your responses from past learning. If you suffer from such severe anxiety then I would recommend something like this for you. They can give you some self-understanding through proposed questioning and help you to help yourself with all the issues that you will face in your daily life. There are many charitable organizations that do a low cost counselling service whereby you make a donation rather than the £35 - £50 per hour fees so it can be affordable to most people.

I know from past experience that it can be really difficult to open up to a counsellor in a one-on-one situation but if it can give you just a modicum of peace of mind then surely it is worth a try.

I hope this is of some use for you.

All my hopes and dreams.

Ken (the author) x


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