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Yoga anyone?

Since my fibro got too bad for me to be at work I have put on some weight, not masses but, as I was overweight before this, it all adds up and is now getting me down. I know I am not able to do anything too strenuous but I would like to exercise a bit more and keep what flexibility I have and hopefully lose a bit of weight while I am at it. I thought that yoga might be the best thing so I just wondered if anyone here does yoga regularly or knows of any other gentle exercise that I could do, preferably at home, to keep my flexibility and lose some weight. Thanks in advance, Linda

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Hi Linda

Give it a go, start slowly and see how you get on with it. I really believe in trying something. I did read somewhere that we shouldn't hold the stretches for too long, try for half the time the trainer says.

When I finished work I tried yoga and Pilates and both were just too much for me, which I was annoyed about. I plan on giving it a go at home, starting in 10-15 minute periods, once I get back to some semblance of order. I saw Prof Davies this time last year and he was of the opinion that for a small number of fibroites that exercise, even gentle exercise, is bad and he thought I was in that group.

Good luck with it, hope it's good for you.

Is x


Hi Tai chi is also excellent and as it is slow and controlled movement, like yoga, it can also be beneficial.




Hiya.. I would definitely recommend yoga... it helps me to stay flexible and relaxed. I have been attending a beginner' s Hatha yoga class once a week at my local community centre for the last 7 years. The teacher is very friendly and does not force me to attempt anything that I am not happy with. I especially enjoy the relaxation session at the end of the class.

I try and spend about 10 minutes every evening in my living room doing some of the yoga I have learnt in the class. I feel it has really helped me.

If you don't want to join a class, then I am sure you could get a simple yoga DVD... maybe you could ask for one for Christmas!!

Other gentle exercise I try and do regularly is short walks with the dog and swimming.

Good luck with the yoga xx


Thanks everyone, I know there was a tai chi nearby but I think I may just start with a beginner's yoga dvd and see how I go.


I'm reading 3minutes to a pain free life by Joseph Weisberg. The stretches etc in there are excellent x


Can you get to a pool? It is awful getting the suit on but you can buy a two piece and wear a tank top over it...look online. I can't believe you told me that you have the same sort of history... it's amazing. I wish I knew how to post.

God bless.


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