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Hello Folks, I'm full of Brain Farts (well, Fibro Fog!)

Hello all, it's so nice to find a Fibromyzombies community, thank you! I was wondering what people do to cope with their fibrofog. Not so much in remembering things, but maybe when you're at work and trying to concentrate on a document. Does anybody have any tips for not going completely thunderbird, chuffbeggering nuts?

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Good evening,welcome to this wonderful site full of lovely,kind and caring people.We try to support one another as best we can and have some laughs along the way :) Your brain farts made me chuckle :D.Yes fibro fog is aweful isn't it.I suffer with it quite badly myself,not really sure what I can suggest other than maybe natural supplements.What meds do you take for your fibro as some of the side effects can contribute to our symptoms as well.Maybe you could try coQ10 as I've heard that it can help with your concentration.If you google health span they have lots of supplements that you could try.If you register with them you can get a magazine sent out with all their products.Iam going to try some supplements myself xxx


Hi and welcome, I'm afraid I can't help you, I have real trouble remembering things and repeat my self (so I'm told) I get my words mixed up, I don't work, so I don't have to worry about that at the moment, but my family just makes a joke about and we all have a laugh.


Hello Jigwam

My fibrofog was, is, a nightmare. I take Coq10 for energy! Not sure if that works and omega3 fish oils for memory. Not sure if that works either....

When I worked I struggled to keep up to date with things, reading a document took several attempts. I'd like to help and say something positive but it was awful. Sorry.

Take care. Xx


Greetings Jigwam,

I found that the best thing that has helped my fibrofog has been to stay away from flouride (in toothpaste and water). A couple weeks after eliminating this toxin from my body, my fibrofog cleared up 90%. I still get days when I get a little confused but no way as bad as it was before where I lived in a fog for weeks at a time!!

I found a great natural toothpaste from a local herbal shop and although it costs a little more, it lasts longer and my teeth are whiter :) PM me if you want to know the name of it. Check the labels on bottled water as some contain flouride and check if you live in an area which adds flouride to water. It's easy to check online with your local water company. It should be stated ontheir website.

I have also changed my diet in the last couple of years and try to eat as naturally as possible and stay away from processed foods (I know not easy these days) which has helped with the fibro overall. I have a lot less flare-ups than I used to. I do not take any type of chemical medication, not even pain-killers although I still suffer with pain.

Also, drink loads of water to help eliminate toxins from the body. As far as I'm concerned, it all helps.

Hope it helps you. Many blessings


Take a break a dictaphone. Take notes. Record meetings. I struggle at college . I love brain farts!!


Thanks Guys,

And Sistabless, I'll try the flouride thing! I cut out Aspartame a couple of months back and it's really helped with the pain and the brain farts. That stuff is lethal!

I've been doing some research in to Neuro Linguistic Programming and I'm working on developing a trigger word to help bring myself back in to focus when I get the fog. It's a word associated with a picture in my head and that in itself brings focus back to me. It's only been a few days, but we'll see how it goes....


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