Felted flowers

Felted flowers

Hi there, just been trying to take my mind off things and have been making these felt flowers as Christmas pressies for friends !!

If anyone you like one, free and gratis, just drop me a pm and I will be more than happy to make one for you, just give me an idea of the colours you might like :-) :-)

The colours here are looking more muted because the pic was taken in artificial light, sorry !

Foggy x

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  • You have got the bug and the knack for felting haven't you!


  • foggy that's a lovely offer, bur its going to cost you to send them out. :)

  • You clever girl Foggy.



  • Hey Foggy, they lovely. I've been trying to make some too but they not best ever. How do you get the felt to look 'hairy' if you know what I mean?

    Hope you're not too uncomfortable today. x

  • They are beautiful but too expensive to post out! Just post me a wee pic of one, I love flowers x

  • hello foggy

    they are lovely .how big are they?cant tell from pic.would gladly pay you for one postage expensive to send

  • I will happily send them to anyone, they are about two inches across at the most and as they are mostly made of mohair won't cost me much to send and I'm happy to send them at no cost to anyone.

    Foggy x

  • They are lovely. You are very creative. A friend of mine wore a red knitted poppy for remembrance Sunday and it looked fabulous (she also obviously donated too) so that's a suggestion for next year! If you were to send out to all of us it would definitely cost too much! But it is lovely of you to offer!

  • Foggy, I would love one! If you won't accept payment I will put something toward a local charity xx

  • I haven't even tried, knowing me I would badly injure myself with the little burrs on the needles.

  • Hi dizzy,

    The needle done have burrs, but they are extremely sharp, so yes, injury can occur😳 I did these with a multi needle tool onto a brush base and the implement gave a lot of protection from the five needles it contained.

    It's quite nice to see them again as I have made any for a while, perhaps I need to go back to it, though I am wearing the Poppy which I made for myself and which gets a fair few nice comments.

    If you want any more info about the felting do feel free to message me and I will see what I can do to help 😃😃

    Foggy x

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