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Please help

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Hello everyone i was wondering if there is any advice for me as i have been sweating badly for while now including walking to the shop in snowy weather and having to take my coat off cause my clothes are clinging to me from all the sweating the last couple of weeks it has progressed to whilst im sleeping i wake up soaking wet like i have just gotton out of the shower i am starting to dread going to sleep as its not a nice feeling when the covers are cold and clingy from the wetness and my hair sticking to me, this happens whenever i sleep. I have a constant pain in my abdomen back and hips and im waking up with brusies on my lower legs x if anyone can help please x

18 Replies
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Have you been to see your gp about this? It sounds like you really must go as this sounds absolutely awful for you to be soldiering on with and it’s affecting you and getting you down.

You probably need to get your bloods done to check what the cause of this is......

I’m sorry not to be if more help, but please go and get it checked and keep us updated xxxx

Gentle hug 🤗 xx

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Sarjaychi in reply to Sassy51

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so shall tell her everything i have trouble remebering why i went there sometimes xx

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Sassy51 in reply to Sassy51

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you...... I hope I didn’t.......😐

But yes mention it to the dr at least it’ll be in your notes.

I know sometimes when your body is in fight or flight you can sweat a lot or even just a low lying infection can do that and clears up on its own......

Please don’t worry though, just mention it and go from there......

Gentle hug 🤗 xxx

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Hi sweetie I went through the same thing a few months ago but not during the day. I was also waking up in the morning soaking wet and it’s absolutely horrible. Like you every thing was soaking wet my hair was stuck to my head and my pjs were also very wet. I went to the doctors and had blood tests done and I had to take my temperature every morning and night and it was completely normal. The blood test came back normal as well. For me it happened through the summer and it wasn’t even that warm. It has cleared up now but I must say I am dreading if it ever happened again. I am truly sorry that I couldn’t tell you the cause of it as my doctor didn’t know the cause either. If you find out what the cause is could you please let me know so if it happens again I can get treatment for myself. Maybe you have to let it run it’s course and it will disappear as it did with me. I truly feel for you as I know how uncomfortable this is. Please take good care of yourself. Love and hugs 🤗🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹xxx

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Sarjaychi in reply to Jan101

Ur message has a lil hope for me that it will just stop that would be a dream come true i really hope its nothing tbh xx

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Jan101 in reply to Sarjaychi

I will keep my fingers crossed 🤞 for you sweetie. Love and hugs 🤗🤗🌹🌹xx

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uggycat in reply to Sarjaychi

l do find I get what you describe when taking certain different meds, or if I take extra meds. even a bit more parectemol, or ibrufem, and when I cut down again symptoms get easier to manage.

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Hi I have been going through exactly the same thing, can't wear a coat even in this cold weather. I to have had blood tests etc and all normal, I am so tired from not sleeping because of this, and hate going to bed. The winner months seem worse for me.

I am sorry I can't give any answers as no one seems to be able to give me any. But I feel for you because it's horrified and embarrassing.

I hope you find some answers, if you do I would be very interested.

Take care trace xxx

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milo4 in reply to milo4

Sorry was meant to say horrible not horrified x

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Sarjaychi in reply to milo4

Its awful isnt it i dread going to sleep but thats another problem im constantly tired n sleeping xx

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Welcome to the FMAUK Community Sarjaychi ! :)

It seems many people experiencing profuse sweating living with Fibromyalgia, however it could be for other reasons like for instance Vitamin D deficiency.

I wondered when you last had a blood test? It might be worth mentioning this all to your GP.

As a newbie I noticed your post isn't locked to this community so only FMAUK members can read it. Below is all the information to do lock it if you wish to;

Hope this helps

Emma :)

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Sarjaychi in reply to Mdaisy

I am due to go hospital for bloods and chest xray as ive also had most annoying cough for 7 months+ thank you for ur advice you have been helpfull xx

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Yes have suffered and call it "the wonky thermostat problem" It was worse when my vit D levels were rock bottom - maybe just me but always worth checking to see if your levels are fine. Colleagues used to me being either way too hot or way too cold. Bare arms in winter and long sleeves in summer. Don't have a specific answer for you I'm afraid. Seems it's just one of the long list of things fibro loves to throw at us from time to time. If you find something that helps please share.

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Sarjaychi in reply to Dinkie

Thank you xx

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Excessive sweating is a symptom of fibromyalgia,my husband suffers with it xx

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Hello I'm afraid it seems too be part of fibro for some of us.I know it is for me and has gone on years.but hopefully it will be a short lived thing for you.if you forget things when you're at the doctors then write it all down before you of luck take care

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I’m in the same situation. Is like menopause. I feel my clothes are in fire. I can’t sleep. I wake up many times and mornings are nightmare. I feel without energy. All blood tests are okay. But I can’t live like this. It’s also embarrassing.

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I have an electric fan on my bedside table, my husband hates it but the only way I can sleep, a little, at night, is to have it on all year round. X

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