You've hit a milestone! 13,000 of you now have joined the FibroAction HU community

You've hit a milestone! 13,000 of you now have joined the FibroAction HU community

Congratulations for building a true fibromyalgia health movement in HealthUnlocked!

Whenever you write a post, ask a question or reply to someone, you are touching the lives of other people with fibromyalgia by spreading the benefit of shared, personal health experiences. And beyond that you have built a resource that will benefit people for years to come.

It's been wonderful to see the community thrive. Keep up the great, supportive network you started!

Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think about the achievement.

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  • Thank you for giving us such a wonderfully user friendly and supportive site. I love being a member.



  • I echo entirely everything jillylin has said and this is certainly the very best forum I have ever been a member of. The level of support and real friendship is deep and much more than any other site I know or have dipped into and found to be back biting and not addressing the reality of our condition.

    Thank you for providing such a good and stable community :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • I agree with Jillylin and Foggy, a brilliant forum. x

  • WOW! We have such a big family now and it is all down to the wonderful members that we have on our site!

    All my hopes and dreams for all of our members

    Ken x x x x

  • I totally agree with all that has beenn said abiut this gtrat sute. It is sas The Author says, we are like a family herr

    There is a lovely, loving and supportive feel to this site. An emps

    empathy that's to be found here that often doesn't occur , even within family, friends or work mates. Gentle Hugs, thanks and pats, (gentle), on the backs to all on here, Julie xxx

  • I echo all the above

    I echo all the above

    I echo all the above


  • Echo.......

  • Echo, Echo Echo. :P

  • Thankyou for providing an excellent platform which is completely user friendly and supportive on which FibroAction could create this fantastic forum for us fellow fibromites to come and share our lives and queries.

    I for one could not live without the support network that I have found here and I enjoy contributing and being part of it. Before I found this forum I had no-one to talk to who fully understood how I felt because of Fibromyalgia and now I have 12 999 fellow fibromites to talk to. WOW :D

    Truly amazing how we've grown as a community and it proves that we exist, and also, so does Fibromyalgia. Hopefully it will help to send the right messages to right places so that we can help to change the current opinion about it not being a real illness.

    I'm away on holiday for my mum's wedding at the mo but I've still checked in :D

    Huge fluffies and smiles to you all at Health Unlocked for all the tremendous work you have done improving the platform for us to live on it is comfy, safe and very friendly :)

    xxx sian :) aka zeb73

    Volunteer HU Administrator for FibroAction

  • I can't add anything more than has already been said :)

    this forum is the only one I have stayed in and actually feel a part of. I hope I have made some real friends and that I am a friend to others :)

    Congratulations to all the members and to the support and administrators, you are wonderful people xx

  • I second all the above! Thank you everyone xxx

  • i agree with all the above thank you every one xxx

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