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How many communities are you joined up with?

Hi All

I was just thinking (As you do at 4 in the morning) how many other people are joined to other communities.

I am with Pain Concern, Arthritis Fouundation of South Africa, ENDMESH, Fibro Action and Foggy's invisible illness.

Some tines I check to see if there are any other communities relevant to me that I can get info or perhaps add the odd comment to.

Take care and Kindest regards


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Hi me again

Just thought , I am not trying to find out all your communities so don't list them if you don't want to it is just some idle inquisitiveness that just occurred to me.

I have gotten so much out of Health Unlocked I am very grateful for whoever started it,one dayI shall have to check it out, how it came to be and all the rest.

Thank you

Take Care and Kindest Regards



Hi Terry,

I am now very surprised. I didn't think people in South Africa suffered with arthritis!

This is the only forum I belong to - there were some on AOL but they all got closed down, mostly because of trolls!

I shall have to look around!

Dinkest Gerards :D

Moffy x

Reply on HealthUnlocked I go onto three different communities which relate to me, recently found this site which I agree is really good and so glad everyone is friendly helpful and non-judgemental. thanks everyone. D x


I am on here and Foggys invisible illness but due to fibro fog I forgot until you asked the question... So I tend to stay here as I haven't found one like this with so many people about all the time :)



Terry, there's also NRAS on HU.


I am on 3 communities on here but this one is definitely the best. You get support, answers to questions if they are known, banter and signposting to organisations that would provide more assistance. On the other 2, it can be a few days before anyone posts anything and no banter. They need a person like VG on there, lol. Saying that, I did post a question as I am in the process of tests for condition and admin got back to me quite quickly, so not all bad.


Oh wow thank you jom.. A least I hope it's a compliment and not a get over there and leave us alone on here :D

I have settled in here very nicely... Comfy seat plenty of people to chat with... I love my virtual home :)


Hi All,

I started with AtaxiaUK and roamed other sites I seemed to have some sort of

connection with. Not all my symptoms are related to Cerebellar Ataxia, so it's

useful to read all info. Brain fog I completely understand! I agree with the

comment 'this site has more banter' but the support and understanding given

on all sites is amazing.



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