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My visit to the Physio this week reinforced my knowledge

of the bone problems I have in my back. So in order to alter my balance slightly and try to stop me falling backwards - not a thing to be encouraged -Inow sport beautiful new crutches with fisher stick handles so py hands are not hurt/ So today I am on an adventure to BQ - pensioners discount day and OH qualifies- so we will see how I get on. I am feeling very positive about them :) :)

Now what to wear -ponders- difficult .

In the recent poll on how long we have been members I got it wrong I have been trying to make silly brain work and I have been coming on here I am sure for 2/3 years It is hard to work timing out. So much has happened so going be hospital visits that must be right :) does it matter ??

Enough rambling Have a good day xgins

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Hi Gins

Really pleased your feeling so positive, I hope your adventure to BQ goes well:)

those crutches can also be used to move people out of you way, which will be an added bonus :)

have a great day and let us know how you get on.

Hugs Mazz xxx


Mazz thanks for you good wishes :) xxgins


Excellent news gins :)

Its always fab to gain a little independence back :D

I use two sticks because my arms and shoulders can't handle crutches :(

:) xxxzebxxx :)


My grandad always used stiicks/crutches as remote controls well before anyone invented them !good luck with them .


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