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Visit to the doc's

I went to the doc's yesterday and was seen by a new arrival to the practise.

I did my usual gibbering on at him about being sick of increased flare ups and not getting anywhere and not been to see any consultant in the past eleven years.

Then I had to take a breath.

He's just been on seminars on fibro and has a keen interest in it, he took the time to explain which drugs helped which problem.

I went wanting a magic wand but knowing there isn't one but at least he listened and didn't fob me off.

I have to make notes on different daily problems, sleep (or lack of it) pain, anxiety, stress, ibs ect...should be a long list of notes.

He printed off a load of fibro info and hints from the 'Arthritis Research UK' website. I have to back to see him with my notes and he is going to structure drugs that are right for me.

What a welcome's hoping xx

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thats great i also have a good doctor who listens it makes things so much easier wen they listen doesnt it ,take care luv tofty xxx


Hooray you lucky lucky girl. I to have a lovely doctor who understands and is working with me not against me.

But there again there is a doctor in the practice(and I think I know which one,but not mine)who has fibro.So the practise is on top of it

Hugs Butterfly xxxx


congrats hun.


most docs just fob u off


well what a breath of fresh air that must have been for you and all us to to hear it it is wonderful that someone said hay it is ok i am doing research on thisa n i understand !! well you must have fell on the floor it is great news now hopefully you will get the support and the right meds etc love to you diddle x


So pleased for you jane. :)

Its good when you finally get a doc to listen to you but double lucky when he is actually intrested in fibro.

kel xxx


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