Arm pain

Hi all hope your all well as can be, I have been in bad pain with my left arm and ended up going to A&E yesterday after a long air of 8hours the doctor said I had frozen shoulder and I had to go to physio today and the physio said it's not frozen shoulder it's another symptom of the fibromyagia , so don't know what to think now , I usually have trouble with my neck with the fibro among the other painful areas , so was wondering if anyone else as had this trouble. Kind regards Anna

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  • Hi Anna

    Yes I get terrible pain in my left arm, have had it for a long time, sometimes its not too bad, other times its worse than a toothache, I have always assumed its Fibro, my right arm has never been as painful as my left.

    Mazz Xx

  • Hi It does seem that most of our pains can be related to Fibro or in my case the stenos sis of my spine which is gradually closing down on the vertebrae and the protruding discs a bit of a mess you might say. Do try and keep smiling the day get shorter our beds get warmer !! Best wishes to you xxgins

  • Cheers thanks for feed back.

  • Yes I get the pain too so bad sometimes I can't hold a pen, I get it more in my right arm and shoulder than left, as gins says there is so much pain we have indifferent places that is caused by the fibro, when you think that fibro affects the tendons, ligaments, muscles and nerve endings which is virtually what our body s made of I guess it makes sense doesn't it, it's a bummer of a condition, not one i would wish even on my worst enemy, I wouldn't have thought it could have caused all the pain that I have been experiencing in all my teeth but it has.....sending you gentle hugs ...Dee xx

  • Hi Anna i've struggled with shoulder/arm pain and was told it was tendonotos, I've had numerous steroid injections some worked some didn't, depending on doctor who gave me the injection.! Eventually they agreed to opperate and do a keyhole opp for shoulder decompression. I had the opp on the 17th of last month and can onestly say I feel better, ok I know it won't cure my fb and I'll still get some pain but its not so bad. Hope this helps, go to your GP and ask for steroids injection to star with.

  • Hi Anna i recently had awful pain in my right arm cudnt use it for 13 days. Doc first of all thought frozen shoulder too but after more questions and examining my arm he said it was the fibro. I thought it was never going to end, the pain was so bad so i can understand what your going through right now. I was never so glad when it started to ease. Hope it gets better soon for you

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