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Hi guys sorry haven't been in to chat to you all but our Internet went down and they have only just repaired whatever was wrong, I have missed reading all your posts and talking to you, you just don't knw how much you will miss anything until it isn't there, must be about 4days now, .....I see from your last post gins that you arnt too good, I'm sorry to hear that, I have only just recently started getting little slight tremors, but have been losing my balance on and off for some time, but like our dear foggy says you should go get checked out by your doctor, Make sure all is ok, and it's the fibro causing it, you take care now, where would we be without our gins eh!!!! Sending huge gentle hug to you gins..... Dee xxx

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  • Hi Cookie so pleased you are back are you ok? Such a lot seems to have happened in 4 days.

    I am Ok thanks, wwell not really but as ok as I get apparently all ways a bitter pill to swollow I always hope some bit of me can be cured. Hay Ho I now sport wonderful crutches with special handles. The idea is my balance will be forward so I should be safer when I move about well lees likely to crash LOL. They are better than a simmer! A simmer what ever next I am still only 59 not old at all and still only 18/20 in my brain hehe

    Take care Dee

    Gins xxx of the long arms!!

  • Hi gins, sorry your not so good, we are always hoping that there's a cure round the corner, but I kinda resigned myself ages ago there wasn't, and if one comes along then it's a bonus, and gins I'm 72 and no way will I use a Zimmer frame I have one here as they gave me one when I had my back op, also a pair of crutches, and I only used the Zimmer to walk out of the hosp, and I often get an urge to decorate my crutches but not sure how so they don't look stupid lol, I do find they help its like having another pair of legs lol been using them for about 11yrs now this is my second pair, but they do look like hospital crutches, ....hope you soon feel a little better gins we can't run this site without you...gentle hugs ...Dee xxx

  • Hi Dee :)

    Lovely to hear from you how are you keeping? is your hibernation nest finished I think we should be into the nests now and ready for settling back and enjoying a few virtual days out :D

    My nest is almost complete :o just needs the odd tweek :)

    Many fluffies to you Dee

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Hi there zeb, it's great to be back, been going spare with no one to moan to lol...I'm almost ready for hibernation, like you just a few tweaks here and there, the sun is warm when it's out and you are standing in it but other wise it's blooming cold isn't, I'm really not looking forward to the cold and all the pain that winter brings....hugs to you zeb, thanks for the fluffies will help keep me xx

  • Hi Dee I just saw this reply LOLOL after I answered you on another post LOLOL

    Yes its very cold, today I had multiple layers and still came home freezing and needed a hot water bottle for my feet :o My nest awaits me just got to get my appointments out of the way soI can settle down in it until March heheheh............ if only :o

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Good morning dee,I have been worried about you and have missed you :( so glad that you are back :) I have been in hibernation for quite some time now so it will be good to have company to join me! :)

  • Hi haribo, have been out round to my friend who is severly sighted she needed a couple of jobs done so that is why I didn't see your reply this morning , are you feeling any better today, we will soon be with you and keeping you company in our fibro hibernation, gentl hugs to you...Dee xxx

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